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OMG. Totally love yaoi/shonen ai.
Anime, video games, writing.
Can't draw, wishes she could. ;__;

Loves bread.
Hates cheese.
Unless on a sandwich.
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Got my internet back and whuuhuuuhhuuuhoaaaah.

I'm still reading and you're still awesome.
January 18th, 2010
This looks crazy awesome.
Yay! Looking forward to the third!
I just went from "Well this is a pretty cool comic." to... "OH HOLY FUCK YEAH THIS SHIT IS LOOKING AWESOME."

I'm sick. :D
November 22nd, 2009
Oh geez. I can't take these guys seriously at all anymore.
If you hadn't said it...I would have.
November 15th, 2009
This is like the Ginyu Force. Plur or minus gay.
November 15th, 2009
Awesome. Awwweeesome.
It's funny how much personality you can garner from a black plastic bag.
November 8th, 2009
This page speaks of SRS BZNESS.
I'm fighting the urge to say she's cute.

I shall be watching this.
I love these fanarts.

I should draw you one. It'd totally suck though.

Also, I agree. RIP Connor's Hat. ; ;
October 13th, 2009
I have one of those printed out and taped to my locker at work. If coding ever pisses me off I look over at my awesome face and think awesome thoughts.
I actually read her comic but didn't realize it had updated. I see its colored now. It must have gotten redone while I wasn't watching. I'll add this one to my favorites then.

And yeah. My favorite colored page as well. Nice job on the penis. ;D
September 30th, 2009
Well this phase went out with a bang.
Fffft. Yiiiikes.