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I missed these past few updates so today I'm so happy to see this it's a little sad..... XD I love this comic so much so I'm really excited you are continuing!! You're such a talented artist and it makes me want to get started on my comic I don't have the balls to upload. Haha <3
Honestly I wasn't expecting it to be updated again but I didn't care because I really enjoyed what was already here. I've been following it for .... I don't know how long so seeing this I got pretty excited XD Just the possibility of this story being finished is awesome, now knowing it will be finished at some point is even more awesome.

Anyway, good luck with college and life in general! :D
December 2nd, 2013
He's gonna say he looks like a girl or something isn't he? XD that's not going to go down well hahah
November 13th, 2013
@MissPinn: Hmmm I guess you're right about that.... Lee is part of his job so it's connected. I guess it's just like misery1134 said he thinks it's turned into a real relationship and knowing that Lee doesn't know it's a job maybe he expected more from him? I don't know... but either way emotions aren't always logical so even if he shouldn't feel sad, I can understand why he does I think.
August 8th, 2013
I knew it was looking different. I quite like it how you've done it digitally, but I do enjoy the traditional too - whatever works best for you sweet. Loving the story so much I might just have to re-read it all.... over a few days haha
i bet kaoru is the sleezy one naoto finds annoying and shizu is the sweet quiet one who notices the details lol could be very wrong though! can't wait to find out which personality is whose
Feel bad for mentioning this but I've finished reading this chapter already so I know what the deal is XD but I wont spoil it :) There is a multitude of hotness though... <3 looking forward to everyone's reactions XD
Just did a whole re-read of this comic and loved every second of it! I cannot wait to see what happens now.... I want someone to get some balls and be honest... or say something at least! All the avoidance is realistic but too tense for me!! lol Love this story so much :) <3
Think I have the same fetish.... *blush* I love playing with long hair on guys while making out..... sorry for too much info but I totally see where Charlie is coming from! lol
I love her hair <3 and I commend her for being so concerned - seems to be a very nice lady :)
February 9th, 2013
OMG I LOVE IT! so funny and so awkward XD poor colt, but lucky kaito. I just hope kaito doesn't like... blur the lines of who he likes etc.... doubt he will but.... BACK AWAY COLT

I dunno, I like Colt but... he needs to not be slimy with Kaito anymore.... it's just creepy when someone likes you and you've made it clear you don't reciprocate but they try anyway.... (rant over)

this whole situation should be interesting :D
February 4th, 2013
Om nom nom..... been away for 5 days and come back to see this.... am very happy :) verrry smexy and lots of fierce emotions < only word i could think to describe the intensity :P

Was that a priest? That's a damn good point....

Why would she target Nakay and keep Josh alive I wonder....and why does she know his name :/ And..... it's just too...... unnecessary to put him through this...
Looks like he's going to give up and let this happen to himself =[ I know no one wants him to die and are depressed about all the death but... I quite like that this story is taking a step away from the standard 'there's a mild problem and they get over it' formula. I like that it's darker and more realistic in their relationship. Of course the death is not normal at all but... I still like that it's not giving us a run of the mill happy ending. It's refreshing :)
Jesus.... Would have read all the comments but there's too many. So... that woman killed them? That's just... horrific. I don't even understand why...

you said from the start this was a sad story... i should probably be more upset than i am, but... at the same time it's refreshing that in some stories not everything goes perfectly.... cus that's just disgusting and horrific. How is that even possible!? i think i'm in a state of shock :/
I'm not sure Nakay ever expressed hate towards the dog :/ It would be a little sporadic and strange if he'd hurt it.... I have no idea what's going on but I hope Nakay didn't do this :/ Though he does look a little calm on the sofa... unless he's dead too.... OR it's all a clever ruse and nothing is as serious as it seems! I hope =[ Too sad otherwise :(

EDIT: Though I can imagine Nakay being in a weird trance-like state explaining it like 'she was ill... i was helping her' or something like that... creepy *shivers*
January 5th, 2013
You don't approve BUT you love him anyway riiiight?? Of course you do :)

I never really thought about Shuno dying.... 1. because he is bad ASS! 2. his love for Kaito doubles the bad ASS-ness. 3. he's a main character.... lol

I hope he doesn't die.... maybe just injured a little for plot related necessity?
throw like 5 years in between this and them being friends again and it might work? lol Keep contact but not constant close friendship- waayyy too difficult and awkward.
Nakay is just doesn't know what love is because I don't think he's experienced it. Until he finds someone he does love (Should really have been his children- maybe if they'd been born it would have been) he wont understand what he's doing wrong.
December 31st, 2012
heyyyyy sexy shuunoo!

Love this so much. I really love the pacing of your comic, there's time for everything, plot, smut and fun its got the serious moments, the fun moments and it's just never boring and never drags. Love it!

Also your author's comment made me think of they lyric 'golf and alcohol don't mix, and that's why I don't drink and drive' :P wonder if anyone else would know that song though :/

*ramble over* :D