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Well, you were a kid. At the time that would have been fun for you and was likely good writing for your skill level at the time. You're just more skilled now, which is in part because younger you honed it by practising.
This is why I make a list in November. I am the only one in my family who does this.
@Falconer: Yeah, when something starts to fall into a very preset formula to maintain the same number of characters or the same issue arises again and again and again... you get bored of it.

Shows where deaths remain impactful keep them very limited and far between so that when there were near death situations you were actually terrified they might die but they might not. When it is practically guaranteed you just go 'eh'.
@TerrytheTeryx: Preach. This is part of why shows like say Supernatural or The Walking Dead don't appeal to me and how Doctor Who eventually wore down my interest in it. Unless this is a murder mystery, characters dropping like flies... tends to eventually induce apathy. Doctor Who was able to keep my interest for far longer because the number of main characters to lose was minimal but even then, oh look the companion was only here for a few seasons and now they are gone (for varied reasons, not always death) eventually set in apathy towards it.
@TerrytheTeryx: I literally hate when that happens. It is one of the worst tropes.
You came here... to draw us better art!
@Falconer: Tbh it is honestly starting to feel like millenials didn't just inherit financial hell but also 'crumbling temple disease' which I have just made up where we all feel old in our twenties because our bodies are literally crumbling into nothing probably due to all the stress.
No James, it is never worth it.
Literally me last night because I was sick and still am but all my thoughts were racing while trying to sleep and it was like, 'is this what mania feels like, please turn it off, I just want to sleep' and like, there was always a bit of leg or arm getting circulation cut off and it was not good.

Not feeling as bad today, but I'm honestly hoping to be better tomorrow.
This is literally what happens when someone tells me they feel depressed. Hyperempathy ACTIVATE. *Now feels more depressed than them for the entire day*
The last time he was missing he was in the laundry so I was expecting that again.
Okay, but like, when I want to read it takes less than a day. But if I don't it can take all of eternity. There is no in between.
You have learned my reaction to all horror things ever. And to that one time my brother did a face at me through my room window at night.
You: *Finds old greeting cards and has a good time*

Me: *Is reminded of bad dream I had where my dad was almost murdered* Thanks brain. I needed to keep that dream clearly.
If he is not with me and he is not with you, then he must be with the laundry! It all makes sense!
Didn't your parents warn you about CHILDREN and how they'll try to steal your dog and you at ANY opportunity!? XD
Mist in panel 4 is hilarious.

But more seriously, RIP Naya who is clearly dead due to not being able to fight.
That happens to me with cuts too sometimes. It is always confusing like: ??? Where did come from???????? No event????? World glitch??????
Liar, I see them scuttling about under your couch looking for cheese as is the prerogative of people lacking in dairy.
Neko, everyone knows there is no stopping you. Even you saying 'I will not do the thing' does not stop future you doing the thing. XD