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Perfectly understandable. Thanks for letting us know.
@eekee: The frequent break thing is more about physical health rather than concentration as it makes you move in more than one way rather than constantly doing the exact same motion. It's not wrong in its purpose of safeguarding physical health.

And arguably, you don't need to be in 'the flow' even if people prefer to be. Though that mostly applies to neurotypical people, if you are like me, if you are not in the right zone, then completing things can become very difficult so it wouldn't necessarily be good for my personal efficiency.

But for most people, even if it does reduce concentration a little, it still wouldn't actually be less efficient over all as for the majority - yes, that day's work would be slower. But they would take less days off because they're maintaining their physical health, so not being able to give 100% on any one day is made up for by being able to do 80% across more days in total. It sacrifices full efficiency for individuals for them to be able to work more often.

This kind of thing is why you can't generalise health and safety stuff too much though or people start to forget that you still need to account for individuals having different needs.
@Falconer: Enough months for it to be too long but also enough for it to be too short. Hopefully you won't get what my sister did where she had a literal headache for several weeks. In a row.
@eekee: The spine is actually an S-shape though??? That doesn't mean *stand* in an S-shape??? I don't know how you would even physically do that without messing yourself up more. Standing up straight is how your spine rests in its natural S-shape as well as lying down flat. I literally learned this from an expert in my Health & Safety course.

I would never suggest actually trying to position yourself in an S - letting your head hang down will damage your neck if done for too long at a time and you could hurt your back by trying to tense yourself into such a position.

It's why the best way to combat back, wrist and neck pain from a computer is to position the monitor at a better position so you don't have to hunch over to see it, to move the keyboard closer and to take regular breaks every 15ish minutes. It literally just helps you sit up straighter and to do less straining repetitive motions because you're not exerting your body with your positioning alone.
@Falconer: It is supposed to go in the back. It likes to sit in an S-shape. It prefers when you lie down. It does not like when you bend over a computer in a C-shape for long periods of time.

It suggests have many sleep to maintain the nice S, yes.
@Falconer: RIP plant. We knew you would die, just not when.
@emdanhan: This would be the way a sociopath that doesn't know better likely would try to solve this problem though??? Like, it is literally putting his OWN friend above OTHERS and THEIR friends.

Do I think Atticus actually has ASPD? No. But this isn't some great show of empathy by going this far - it's just his own self-interest as it isn't like DT is in danger or being hurt or being threatened. She just... isn't with him and won't be until he transfers Pokemon over and she might not be happy about this choice. It's more about himself than about DT's wellbeing even if it is a factor.
@Falconer: I've heard that even just lying down for a while can help you feel a bit more rested even if you can't fall asleep.

The anxiety of feeling you *aren't* resting tends to worsen insomnia so I thought I would point this out.

And if you can't fall asleep after about an hour, you should get up for a while to use up a bit more energy and then try to sleep again later when you feel like you might be able to fall asleep.

And just keep repeating that as much as necessary so you at least get some rest and might eventually fall asleep.
@Falconer: We love you. Use this positive energy to protecc child please. Would appreciate. Would generate more positive energy in response.
This is what you have a partner for. To rescue you from your turtleness. That's it. The only reason.
@Falconer: Write all your favourite tropes anyway because there is going to be someone that wants like, the same exact tropes. But in a different story. Instead of reading the same story twice. Some people like me would kill for the repetition of the good tropes. Go forth and write them.
@Falconer: It's okay, they can't process words yet. They will however, steal your accent based on how you speak.
@Falconer: This is what happens. And then you accidentally drown it.
@Josh Spicer: Someone who knows Atticus joined Team Rocket, stole a bunch of Pokemon and has taken terrible care of his Pokemon that are not DT?

Like. I wouldn't say he *deserves* to have DT either but that isn't the same as thinking it is fair that she was taken away or that she deserves to have been taken away as Team Rocket isn't known for their care of Pokemon either.
Name them Fang or something from a video game. You can't do worse than the number of people who have named their child literally just as Female.
@Guest: I wouldn't say that is distinctly regret so much as a slight tinge of sadness. It isn't easy to be happy when someone guilt-trips you over telling them to do the right thing. And obviously she still cares about DT too.
@Josh Spicer: Where was it said that DT would die? Literally reread the beginning of this chapter. Nowhere is it stated or implied that DT would die. The consequences are just that he wouldn't get her back and that it is possible his other Pokemon could be confiscated and he would be given like a Rattata or Zubat or Ekans or something like a normal Grunt.

There are definitely ways this could be written so he can get her back. Off the top of my head, based on the stuff that has happened, I've got:

*Trix or Estelle catches onto Thad's plan, makes him give her back.

*You know how they were in Diglett Tunnel. Swarm of Diglett could be very helpful, I'm just saying.
@Josh Spicer: I reread the chapter where he encountered Team Rocket properly and decided to join so I could answer your question properly and the answer to that is: Atty joined because he was selfish and because Estelle gives a good sales pitch to someone like Atty who is a fairly self-centered person.

When he fully believed Team Rocket was bad, he refused to join. Estelle was good at selling that they were like-minded individuals. That they were just people who found it hard to do the whole friendship route. He joined them out of self-interest even though he had seen for himself that Team Rocket DOES do bad things. At least partially, he was a teenager being taken advantage of by an adult that knew he didn't want to feel alone in his struggle and appealed to that. But he also acted in selfishness by joining them as he damn well knew they were the kind of people to steal Pokemon.

As an adult, I have sympathy for him and know it isn't entirely his fault. But George is around the same age, so it isn't really wrong for her to go 'You made your bed, lie in it! You don't get to hurt other people because there are consequences to your bad life decisions!'
@Mooniesoop: Atty made his own bed by joining Team Rocket and agreeing to steal Pokemon in the first place. His own selfishness is what led to the situation where Dragonthing was taken away which leads to more selfishness being his solution to the problem.

It's not wrong for George or anyone else to go: You made your bed, lie in it, you don't get to keep being selfish over and over and over.
@Josh Spicer: Well Atticus can't go to jail forever or the comic ends and Dragonthing must be reobtained. And Atticus needs the money to buy a bike. Don't you know how expensive bikes are.