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I am a swedish Industrial Designer.
I like drawing comics and playing RPG's.
I practice medieval swordfighting to keep
in shape and work with computers to get out of shape again. Except that I don't have time for the swordfighting anymore ;(
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@Dusk: it’s always good to warm up and stretch before training:)
@Stevarooni: worthwhile words wise webwanderer.
Small changes
I rushed this page abit so I have made some small changes like better perspective and such.
@Jamie59: Well... she has seen better days...
Special treat to my undying fans. 2 pages in 2 days. Has only happened once before in 10+ years.
Thank you for your comments. It really gives me energy to make more comics :)
I kinda quit
I was going to stop and I did for a while, but then I couldn't help myself. I have this long nifty story in my head, but I'm ashamed that I update so slow that I thought that I better quit. But then I made some pages anyway. I don't have any better to do :)
@Dusk: Thanks ;). I’ll update this in my old standard irregular way. I have a whole new story arc that I’ll start on in the next few pages. It’s called “Sam the King”. Look forward to it.
@Jamie59: Exactly. What and how people do things show more than what they say.
@Stevarooni: thank you! Great to see you again :) I have a lot more background details I want to include in this remake of Sam. I hope I can add them to the story in a non distraction way.
@VoidHamlet: Thank you, I’ll try not to torture you readers by waiting, next page is half done :)
@Jamie59: Thank you ;)
Thank you
@Spectral: you know, there are years worth of content in my mind. Sometimes I really miss making this comic. It warms my hearth that you liked it. Maybe I should just give in and start making it again, but I was going to make a PG rated comic after this... I just haven’t had any inspiration for any PG comic.
@Dragonrider: Well, thanks? You have always kinda spurred me to do these curveballs. I didn't want the comic to become too predictable. But now I'll let this comic rest. I'll focus on a new project that I will be posting about on here when it has more substance. My last side project Worldbook kinda died because I hadn't planned it or prepared it very well. But hopefully I have learned something by making Sam for ten years so that the next project can be even better.
@Dragonrider: Mmm. Sounds delicious.
@Dusk: You are welcome. It was intended as a birthday present, of course.
@Dusk: Always good to see your comments :)
@Dragonrider: I was a bit tired when I read your comment. I tried voicing out the name of the author now and got the pun :)
@Dragonrider: I don't dare google what you just wrote... Anyways, thanks for the comment :)
@wisejesse: I wish I could do that on a bad day myself...