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I am a swedish Industrial Designer.
I like drawing comics and playing RPG's.
I practice medieval swordfighting to keep
in shape and work with computers to get out of shape again. Except that I don't have time for the swordfighting anymore ;(
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@Dusk: Thanks ;). I’ll update this in my old standard irregular way. I have a whole new story arc that I’ll start on in the next few pages. It’s called “Sam the King”. Look forward to it.
@Jamie59: Exactly. What and how people do things show more than what they say.
@Stevarooni: thank you! Great to see you again :) I have a lot more background details I want to include in this remake of Sam. I hope I can add them to the story in a non distraction way.
@VoidHamlet: Thank you, I’ll try not to torture you readers by waiting, next page is half done :)
@Jamie59: Thank you ;)
Thank you
@Spectral: you know, there are years worth of content in my mind. Sometimes I really miss making this comic. It warms my hearth that you liked it. Maybe I should just give in and start making it again, but I was going to make a PG rated comic after this... I just haven’t had any inspiration for any PG comic.
@Dragonrider: Well, thanks? You have always kinda spurred me to do these curveballs. I didn't want the comic to become too predictable. But now I'll let this comic rest. I'll focus on a new project that I will be posting about on here when it has more substance. My last side project Worldbook kinda died because I hadn't planned it or prepared it very well. But hopefully I have learned something by making Sam for ten years so that the next project can be even better.
@Dragonrider: Mmm. Sounds delicious.
@Dusk: You are welcome. It was intended as a birthday present, of course.
@Dusk: Always good to see your comments :)
@Dragonrider: I was a bit tired when I read your comment. I tried voicing out the name of the author now and got the pun :)
@Dragonrider: I don't dare google what you just wrote... Anyways, thanks for the comment :)
@wisejesse: I wish I could do that on a bad day myself...
@galten74: You have a point there.
"The mind is just the plaything of the body"
Maybe his mind is being affected by the body he is in...?
Hey, Dragonraider, I was hoping for some gasps of chock to see the Great Black Knight fallen.. But then, he's not in uniform so it kinda makes it OK.
New inking
I'm trying out a new inking style in this page, emulating my brush-pen in Photoshop. I am kinda happy with the results and hope you like it.
Updated the art
Sorry to anyone waiting for a new page, but the computer ate my PSD of this page so I decided to draw the whole thing again. I had a back-up of the sketch. I wasn't really happy with the page anyway. I drew this in Photoshop using my iPad as a cintiq with the app Astropad. It is the best I found so far.
This new page has better colour and I have added some details that I missed last time.
Colour change
I've fiddled with the colours...All in the name of Art.
Peeing in armour
Since Dragonrider brought upp the issue I felt that I had to research it a bit. Apearently a lot armour was not so easy to pee in but Henry VIII did have a codpiece added to at least one suit of armour. It had a hinge and a small pin-and-hole fastening. It would allow him to relieve himself whilst still wearing his armour.