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We're BACK! Sorry for the long break, folks. Had to take care of a few things, but they're (mostly) settled, so A.K.A. can get back on track!

And just a reminder, tor A.K.A. news and updates, it's best to check our deviantart page:

Enjoy the new page!
-The A.K.A. Team
New page! A little late...once again, apologies!

Be sure to check out the Deviantart page for A.K.A. news and updates:

Enjoy the new page!
-The A.K.A. Team
Page 5! In which there is a dramatic (and creepy) entrance, Kitty is startled, and Mattie is polite! Crazy stuff happenin', I tell ya. ;)

For A.K.A. news and updates, check out the deviantart page!

Enjoy the new page!
-The A.K.A. Team
New page! In which Kitty is sheepish and Mattie is unconvinced. Which, actually, are pretty much their default settings. :D

And hey! A reminder that the online store is now OPEN! You can grab A.K.A. stuff there, like bookmarks and buttons and such.

And check out the deviantart page for news and updates on A.K.A! (Because admittedly, sometimes we forget to post it here on smackjeeves.)

We've also got a new incentive up on topwebcomics, so VOTE for A.K.A. to see bonus art! It's that lil' vote button up there, on the side of the page. ;)

Enjoy the new page!
-The A.K.A. Team
@Almightyra: Thanks! Mattie and Kitty are very glad to hear that they look cool. ;)
What's this? Is it...a DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD?! Why yes. Yes it is. :)

Remember to check the Deviantart page for A.K.A. news updates and more:

Enjoy the new page(s)!
-The A.K.A. Team
Page 1! In which we get a glimpse into the chaos that is Kitty's desk. XD

Be sure to check the deviantart page to keep up to date on the latest A.K.A. news!

Enjoy the new page!
-The A.K.A. Team
Aaaaand...we're back! Didja miss us? ;)

Check the dA page for more A.K.A. news and updates!
And with that, dear readers, Issue 0 comes to an end! But not to worry, A.K.A. will be back! After a three week break, we're going to start ISSUE 1!

So be sure to check back MONDAY, OCTOBER 7th for the return of A.K.A.!

In the meantime, stop by the dA page for updates and other A.K.A. news!

Enjoy the new page!
-The A.K.A. team
Ooooh, ominous. 0_o

We've got one more page left of Issue 0! Tune in next week to see the exciting conclusion!

And check the deviantart page for additional news, info, and art!
Remember to check the dA page for additional art and info for A.K.A!

Also, we're nearing the end of Issue 0. Just two more pages to go!

Anyways, enjoy the new page! And speculate about this new purple-haired dude. (He's reading :EPOCH Files, by the way. Another awesome webcomic on smackjeeves. Check it out! )
-The A.K.A. Team
@antlan87: Glad you like it! It was a lot of fun to draw, I must say. :)
Remember to check the dA page for A.K.A. updates and news!

Enjoy the new page!
-The A.K.A. Team
To keep up to date on A.K.A. related news, be sure to check the deviantArt page:

Enjoy the new page!

-The A.K.A. Team
Hey guys...just a lil' reminder that other news/info for A.K.A. is updated on the dA page here:

Be sure to check it out now and again! :)
@Almightyra: Well, that's a bit of a bummer. But hey, at least the web format costs nothing at all. :)
Sorry for the delay guys!

And if you could do us favor, we're looking to printing A.K.A. (Eventually.) We're looking to get an estimate of the size of our audience though. So, if you would be interested in owning a PRINT VERSION of A.K.A, please let us know in the comments below! We'd appreciate it!

-The A.K.A. team.
@Almightyra: Phase one: Get cool pants. Phase two: Take over the WORLD!
And we're back!
A wild villain appears.

Kitty uses taunt!

Is it effective? Wait and see.
No page next week!
Our apologies, but due to the long weekend, there won't be a page next week, on May 27th. A.K.A. will return June 3rd, just in time for the reveal of a new character.