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Reminds me of last night's D&D. Except the 20 was for allowing the dwarf in my party to slap Lord Neverember (Lord Protector of Neverwinter).
Writer's Commentary
It just seems too convenient for Namiko.
Writer's Commentary
Fantasy, or not, it's probably not best for anyone to trust someone stuck in a dungeon.
Writer's Commentary
It's always easy to forget that not everyone joins organizations for the same reason. There will be some revelations about the Cult of Nephilim later on in the series.
Writer's Commentary
And Namiko meets one of the members of the Cult, but there's more to this one than it seems.
Writer's Commentary
Namiko is dropping them a big hint that they're not going to like what she has planned, but arrogant people never listen.
Writer's Commentary
The walk of shame. I think this shows how angry these guys are at Namiko.
Writer's Commentary
And more fanservice to come, but this time there's historical fact behind this. Prisoners in dungeons essentially had no rights, and stripping them of their clothing was often done to treat them more like animals than people.

In this case, the treatment of their comrades had made them harsh on Namiko.
@zenat: Well, you know Varric, the parts about junk loot would be part of screwing with Cassandra. But, I think my biggest question of all would be, in the Annihilation epilogue, how would the Stargazer know about what Shepard did during private hours? Did Liara have a drone spy on Shepard, and then place it in the beacon?
Writer's Commentary
Basically they're accepting her surrender, and for revenge, they plan on humiliating Namiko.
Writer's Commentary
Namiko surrenders, and it won't be the reason that you'd expect.
@Lynneiah: I've resisted saying this until now, "You make my Jedi temple explode."
Writer's Commentary
I apologize for the delay, real life issues came into play during the last week.

This was something of a jab toward some of the armor seen in fantasy (mostly anime). Generally you see these type of armor on women without the clothing portion, and the story behind the armor of these men is overconfidence. They have the armor on, but they believe themselves to be skilled enough to leave open spots.
I found the Jedi Knight flirt options oddly sarcastic. Mostly sarcasm about how love will lead to the fall of the Jedi Order. Needless to say, Kira Carsen and my Jedi caused 'the collapse of the Jedi Order' many times.
@zenat: Or you could just magic around Cullen, and he wouldn't notice.

That's an interesting theory, and I'm not just trying to suck up to one of the comic's creators, but it could be that Hawke is a 'broken character', and that s/he is one of those characters who try to 'save' their partner, to the point that Hawke might fall with them. It might have been the death of the sibling that caused Hawke to feel this way, or it could have gone as far as his/her father's death, giving Hawke the feeling of needing to save everyone close to him/her. Even when pretty much everyone stabs Hawke in the back.
@zenat: I get the feeling that Anders is meant to represent that one destructive ex, since my girlfriend is currently romancing Anders (and regretting it) I have not told her what he does, and I'm quite certain that I know her reaction.

We have that ever elusive third option in games that writers rarely go to, we saw sympathetic templars in DA2, if Anders was smart (which he wasn't), he would have reached out to them through known friendly contacts. Sure, there's a lack of a feeling of "THE CAUSE!", but it would lead to less death, and allow the mages of Kirkwall to choose their own fate, rather than the Chantry, or one apostate.

I like seeing a serious comic every once in a while, if done well enough, it'll create interesting conversations.
I'm linking you to her deviant art account, 'cause she's pretty fantastic. Especially "Pretty Princess Sebastian".
@zenat: The one thing that made that day worth it, was buying the 'Turian Councilor for Space President. Air Quoting Our Way to Victory.' t-shirt. I kinda also made a script for an ad to go with it.
Y'know, given that Maric could still be alive (as the current comics state), if Calian survived, I'd imagine Maric's displeasure with him.
Writer's Commentary
I know that it's rare to see villains with some decency, but it doesn't hurt to show them every once in a while.
Seems like zenat and I had a similar friday, I went to Youmacon where I cosplayed Agent York. The scar was close to my left eye, and it was so itchy that my girlfriend found it hilarious.

You know, I always suspected that Mark Meer was a nerd. Probably because he's going to be in a Mass Effect fan film, which I'm eagerly waiting for.

Ah, I guess because I was devil's advocate for Loghain among my friends, I'd have to do the same with Calian. He was an idiot, but if it turned out that Anora was barren, he'd have to find another queen. The idiot part is that he found it in the empress of Orlais, which I don't think alliance is the same as selling out the country, but it was too soon for such a thing, better to wait...ten generations sound good?