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I'm over here still worried about Wiley...we know that Lauren and Sam are eventually going to get back together...but what about Wiley?
@Gibson Twist: Ah you're right. Disregard my comment.
Ok but seriously...Lauren never once said, "Hey, so he might have feelings for me, but don't worry Sam, I'm not going to let him come between us." Instead, she went right to "You don't trust me?!?!?!" which did not make Sam feel any better about the situation. All she would have had to do was affirm Sam in one small way and this could have been avoided.
Wiley hasn't said a word....I'm a little frightened...
Aw man...I was so sure Michelle was gonna hit him.
Seriously, Michelle's going to be flying in with the punch tomorrow.
Ok, so legit, I was actually starting to be like, "Whoah, Sam, calm down," but then Rick said what he said in the last panel, and now I'm all, "Nope, Sam's right, Rick's not a cool guy."

The twist? Michelle is gonna be the one to hit him. Callin' it right now.
Totally stealing that bottom panel for my Facecult cover photo. So cool! Keep up the great work sir!
Also I absolutely love the look on my face.
Hey, I totally was NOT listening. Like, at all. Just ask Caitlin - I was paying complete attention to everything that she was saying. Honest!

I mean it....
@Gibson Twist: I've always wanted a good beard. Best I can do is my goatee currently.

Oh hey, look at that, I've finally gone and got myself a SmackJeeves account. Would you mind terribly if I used your wondrous depiction of me for my picture?