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Hey, apprently you found my profile. Well I'm Ashley and I love the colors orange, red and checkers (its a color punk). Favorite numbere are 27 and 53 and I perfer the smell of freshly cut onions to flowers. I love yaoi, horror movies, comedy and classic rock and music from like the 50's- 90's. and my favorite song is Radar Love.
Over all I'm a lazy kid who works too hard and sleeps too much.
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    The afro-ninja
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oh my
i simply adore that 9th panel face <3 theres something about it that makes me want to kidnap him
oh hai :D
i love his face :"3 something aobut it makes me what to have my way with him "^"
your first panel.. is .. so .. damn adorable *3*''
goood morning :"D
i simply adore that first panel <33
all your pages are amazing and great :D
love the third panel. so adorable! *kidnapps metis* BWUAHRHAH
it came!
yay the poster i ordered from you came today yayyyyy its so much sexier on my wall then on the web. love your artwork. update soonnnnnnn ilu!
your watching that too? we need lives lawlz :D
Orange Apples
Whoo I brought one of your posters :D I cant wait till I get it in the mail lawlz. Love your comic!
orange apples
haha Ilu! i like your style its so adorable.
orange apples
hahah kiss him quick! D:
orange apples
hahaha! love the "Hate him" pose. so shiny lawlz. love you may <33
orange apples
D: how was he actting like a douche? he didnt do anything he was just in the right place but at the wrong time. D:' his friend liesssssssssssssss
orange apple
i want to buy a poster so bad, i wish a had a credit card or something. dang credit card companys not giving cards away to kids pfft. losers
OMFG THE NEXT BUTTON IS NOT WORKING *melts* ilu and your style *hugs*
will do
D: love the poster, dont have more then 5 bucks at the moment but i work this weekend so i'll buy one then because your so fantasticly amazing <33