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I'm not fond of describing myself. But if you get me into a conversational mood, I'm willing to talk.
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@GrovyleGoodbye128: Rather late, but thanks! ^^

I've been fighting off college classes, one of them being the second hardest offered on campus, but I decided I just wasn't going to deal with it, and dropped it. So I have more free time now. Hopefully that translates to another strip soon.
Haha, I just started playing PokeMMO recently and met the shorts-kid. xD Love the reference.
Happy Holidays to all you readers and fans!

I also uploaded page 17 a short while ago, so be sure to check that out too!

I'm planning on posting some holiday mini-update randomness while I'm spending time with family.
Sonic talks smack...
...even if his opponents are already reduced to scrap.

Here's also a little sample of some of the digital art techniques I'm beginning to practice. Coloring and shading are a massive grind against my natural (OCD-like) tendencies for precise numbers and colors, but I'm getting much better at leaving things natural or imprecise now. Sonic's angle and the glowing trail behind him are slightly askew, but I hope it's not too noticeable.

Sonic's dialogue is what happens when I spend 100+ hours watching livestreamers on playing the game "I Wanna Be The Boshy" (made by Solgryn). The Sonic boss battle is brutally difficult.
Seriously. See here:
(much dapper-ness, and family-friendly)
And here:
(English/Russian dual-language stream, some offensive language)
(Thank you, LethalFrag and TorNis, you're both wonderful streamers.)
Another page up...
... going to try not to burn out on mental exhaustion though. Some of these pages take a crazy amount of thinking. o.O

I detest my Metarex sprite, but there aren't any others out there. They'll have to do. After chapter 1, I'll start working on drawing the pages for chapter 2, so that I won't have to deal the Metarex issue anymore. I'm hoping to get some drawing practice in the coming weeks or something.
And we're back!
I totally survived taking 5 classes at once. Ridiculous.

With college classes and exams over... I finally have some free time that I can spend on some more serious things rather than pure destressing.

On a different note, I suddenly realized how complex my Photoshop files get. This strip alone has 47 active layers, and probably upwards to 50 inactive layers as well for drafting and intermediate steps.

You know what I've always wondered? Why couldn't you just train one of your own pokemon against another of your own? Like sparring? >.>;
@GrovyleGoodbye128, fosterthefox: Thanks - I don't back away from something I enjoy doing even if it's tough.
Grinding to a halt?
So, this page has taken far too long - about two weeks to get up a single page. I wouldn't be surprised if anyone got sick of waiting and decided I wasn't worth following. Part of me wants to say that I have no legitimate excuse to have taken this long. But part of me also wants to point out in an impartial manner that I am, in fact, very overloaded on things I am trying to do. Compared to my life a half-year ago, I've just about doubled the load of obligations and projects I am trying to handle at once. I'm mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted, but I insist to not allow myself more than the bare minumum amount of rest until I am less behind.

Still, I would like to say that Fire Prower will no longer be maintaining a fixed update schedule. Completing my undergraduate degree must take priority. Still, I will work on pages when I can, and I'm NOT going to let this project die off.

About this page itself, I can say I definitely struggled to depict fast paced action-panels in a still medium. There's more to come though.
I don't think I can post page 14 just yet - having some design issues. It's going to be an action-filled page with many panels, but I want the positioning and layout to be smooth-flowing, so I need to do some brainstorming. I will try to have page 15 out by the coming Friday though.
In retrospect, the Metarex sprite in panel 2 should NOT have taken me two hours...

Its neck also seems a bit too long.

Gawd, I just can't ever be satisfied with my work, can I? That means I still need to get better.
It's up!
Panel 3-4 alternate dialogue: "If you won't answer my words... then answer my fist!"
((Totally saw the Tai Chi Zero trailer - I'm excited.))

Woo, not too much delay this time around.
@.:AuraX:.: What doesn't work? Spoiler tags? of course they don't. But it is still very good internet manners to use them anyways in case anyone hasn't seen the series yet. When they spot the spoiler tag, they know to exercise discretion whether or not they read.

Granted, I should probably start a new paragraph after the spoiler tags, otherwise people have no idea where to continue reading from.

Edit: As a side note, tags without coded support totally stop people from posting them. /sarcasm

In other words, people use BBCode "tags" whether they're supported by webpage coding or not. I suppose it might depend on what audience the website caters to, but made-up and unsupported BBCode tags are used on nearly every forum I've ever been to.
@.:AuraX:.: [spoiler]The Metarex were presumed to be all dead by the end of Sonic X.[/spoiler]

If you suddenly saw a species that was previously thought to be all dead, you'd probably be kind of surprised, too.
@GrovyleGoodbye128: I have them planned, don't worry about it :]

Did you spot page 11? I wasn't sure if the delays and odd update timing left the page unnoticed.
That Metarex sprite took me a long, long time to make last weekend, the one that was related to the delay in page 10. No sprite sheet will be available for it. I'm not good enough at sprite art to do multiple poses.
Sorry it's late
I would like to notify everyone ahead of time that update 12 may be late as well, though I will try not to. I have an Engineering Service Learning class, for which I need to participate in fieldwork later today. Checking on hardware, setting up software and network things. As soon as I get back, I'll begin work on page 12.

Edit: Page 12 is already finished, so it will be released on time.
@GrovyleGoodbye128: I just skipped the travel scene back from the ship. It seemed like unnecessary repeat-panels.
Hard times
Been busy for a lot of the weekend, and I had to make small tweaks to my custom sprite. Sorry it's late. My entire backlog has been used, but I'll keep working.