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@Kitsunah: the joke here is that:
1. its a mac not linux
2. i didnt upload this
its just a youtube embed with the width and height set to 0 lmao
@bluefiredragon: personally i think its completely hilarious that you gave enough shits to be like "#nobodygaveashit" but maybe thats just me
@bluefiredragon: There's another floor above it - that's what I was intending to convey, at least.
alright yeah uh
-dont straight up hand draw your effects for the most part
-or your speech bubbles
-speaking of speech bubbles keep them consistently colored
-also, why are you resizing sprites/backgrounds with interpolation on? what program do you use?
not really lmao but ill actually upload something later
i could kill them both at the same time to fuck with you
i dont really have anything to say other than that this took like 2 weeks and i couldve made it in 2 hrs
Casey's Comic Criticism
haha just kidding this is beautiful and i didnt expect anything less good work
Casey's Comic Criticism
So.. to lend you guys a hand with getting better at comics (which I hope is at least a small reason you've decided to join this multi-author thing), I've got some criticisms for you. I'll be posting some of these maybe almost every comic strip from here on out, or just the ones I feel need to be touched.
Anyway, here's what I have to say:
- Needs larger font size. The lettering is way too hard to read at this size. Also, increase the padding between the lettering and the edge of the space bubbles.
- You and Sparky have this strange issue with your panels where they have far too much negative space. Keep each panel focused on solely the action that's happening within it, and don't extend the size of each panel more than... 10-ish pixels or so past that for now. Play with it more later on.
- Drop the four panel format. It only works well for comedy gag comics, not anything actiony like this stuff.
-There's a posing issue in panel three. I mean, when have you ever seen someone land from a jump, or a jumping kick, just flat out standing straight up? I mean, not even in fighting games. They spend at least 5 frames in a slightly squatted animation. Pick a better pose for it or just make one if one's not there. Megaman sprites aren't too painful to deal with, after all.

That's about everything I have to touch on. There's no important grammar issues, and it's definitely not a bad place to start.
Casey might not be giving everything he has yet, but I am
in terms of comic effort and stuff
those drawings took like 15 or 20 minutes each lmao
had to zoom out to like 25% read that damn
when you increase the size of the sprites for your comic you generally want to go for 300% size, maybe 400% at most for normal shots
might be a bit before i can get a comic out because of time constraints sry all
@Crash guy: well i wouldnt say that the opinion of the character has to parallel the opinion of the author in any way
i doubt refrigerate is sparkys author character or anything
i myself dont have an author character either
with sound:
not shown: kitsu sitting behind his computer, cackling and saying "all according to plan"
@Kitsunah: was this supposed to make me want to make comics again? i dont think this was the intended effect
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