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it's honestly kind of a miracle I even made this page. My tablet died last week. As a last effort I got my old retired tablet up and running again and somehow it's working MUCH better than it did when I retired it. The general shakiness I remember is gone. So here's to hoping that holds out and I don't have to spend as much as half my rent on a new tablet any time soon!
O god
my tablet may have just died everyone, naturally right when I have 0 pages buffer... I want some aliens to come abduct me so I don't have to deal w/this
@Lolzwaitwhat: Hell, the creator of the comic can't even answer it :U
@ZSnazzy: Yeah I feel like OSHA would be unhappy
I need
to not draw backgrounds as often. Look at this page. I drew the background once. You get the idea, and not doing it again saved me, like... several minutes!
I forgot Cora's wedding ring. I'll have to fix that. Come to think of it, I think I forgot Lasse's ring in the next page, too.
@Notbt5: And somehow no one else has figured it out yet
Wait a second
I'm pretty sure I gave Cora a slightly different haircut than what she had earlier in this chapter lol
O god
this is the end of my page buffer... I have to actually make the page for Monday.... that hasn't happened to me in like a yearrrr....
you jerk
I have a cool scar now everyone
and I'm out of the sling so drawing is much easier. That doesn't solve the issue of school getting in my way. But it helps.
My buffer... is shrinking...
@sunnysideupdicks: Haven't seen it but I googled him and I can see that
*sings and dances again* CORA TIME AGAIN
In other news, my collarbone surgery went well (but I... am in pain...)
just as Lasse is dealing with all this medical stuff, I am too. My broken collarbone shifted to a worse position so I'm having surgery after all. Boooo. It's on Wednesday the eleventh.

Meanwhile, my buffer of pages is quickly depleting. Not because of the injury, but because of school. Hopefully I can get back to it before it runs out! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I haven't missed an update in like.......years...? I would hate to lose my streak!!

Well, see you on the other side of some anesthesia! I love you beautiful readers!!
You know January is upset
when her open mouth completely subsumes her chin \o/