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I want Lasse's office
cuz I love wood paneling.

Also, in case it is confusing, yes, this office has two doors in it: one into the kitchen, one into the dining room.

Wait, speaking of that, do readers have like a mental map of the restaurant?? Or do you guys like see backgrounds and just take my word for it that they make sense?????
I have been waiting
to draw that joke for like YEARS
at least he's going to be in his OFFICE and not like lifting chairs and watermelons and crap, right?
I literally
cannot think of a comment to make.
Hey look stuff is happening in real time again!
Also, stupid question, Lasse.

Also, I want that sandwich. I'm hungry.

Also, if you click my "BUY ME A COFFEE" button, you can donate me a small amount of money that I, your local starving artist, can then use to obtain a sandwich.
@evilnidhogg: Shadows, man, idk how they work
@GreenTherapy: I'm working with a limited color palette here :'I
Z z Z z z z
z z Z z Z z z z
you may notice I now have a Shameless Button, that... that's right... allows you to give money to me. If you hit "Buy Me a Coffee," you can donate like $3 to meeee your local starving artist!
Yikes, Jan
you couldn't even give the restaurant a phone call?

HEYYY above the author comments you'll see a cute little "Buy Me a Coffee" button... that's right, I FINALLY got myself a shameless button. Uh... donate if you want to! <3
@atomikkuneko: Maybe Richard caught on fire
Nuff said
nufffff said

And ohhhh yeah, enjoy the solar eclipse, North America! I'm in southern MN so I'll get to see it at about 90% eclipsed-ness! DON'T LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN! DON'T USE SUNGLASSES! USE REAL SOLAR GLASSES OR A PINHOLE PROJECTOR OR MAYBE A WELDING HELMET!
Nice hair, Lasse!
I'm back from Yellowstone but now I'm in the thick of BAND CAMP so my life has been a busy, wonderful rollercoaster the past two weeks! Then school starts on Monday, I go back to work, and things will shake out to be a little more normal again.
*sings and dances* CORA TIME
it's Cora time everybody it's CORA TIMEEEE


also I SURVIVED CAMPING and I didn't want it to end
@blackpickles: I've heard bear fat makes the best crust for raspberry pie...
@Captain Ghost: Camping was awesome! Didn't get eaten by a bear!