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No idea how recent it was but CONGRATS ON FRONT PAGE YO! WOOOOOOOO
Y'know the more you say the spinoff is not happening the more I'm convinced it's going to happen.

Really nice wide shot of their environment in the third panel. It feels good zooming out sometimes.
This isn't over, for each of these fights it would seem.
Really enjoying the direction this is taking. I'm with Groovy; kinda hanging out for a gnarly montage. Though I'll settle for a time jump.
I've got nothing but disappointment for Rai right now.

Shields is simply helping this cycle along.
@Hjels: I absolutely agree. However I believe the truest love wouldn't allow either of them to bring harm to the other, Nor would one let the other take their own life willingly. So long as their bond is as strong as that, it isn't an option. Die trying to find another answer together rather than living with the worst result.
The difference between the current group and the last is Kat and Rai love each other too much to commit that.
@arswiss: Admittedly I laughed pretty hard myself because the imagery is hilarious and YOU SHOULD DRAW IT.
I LIKE YOU VERY MUCH *drives off fast*

You are holding THAT knife too D:
Shot calls, layout, lighting and expressions/body language are all super top notch, Roberta! This page feels like you've stepped out of a few comfort zones (obviously counting the car here ;)) as it feels really different from previous AotG pages. Keep up the awesome work yo!
@Hjels: I connected it to his drug running. Although it is vague enough that there could be something else Rai has done.
@Hjels: Excellent word play. For the longest time I figured the title of this chapter reflected a description of Shields. Never expected it to be a description of Cat and Rai.
Noooooooo. The spikesssssssss. Like from the ontfray overkay.


Nah, it'll be fine.
Ahhh. I take it this is the same grand hall we saw at the beginning of chapter 2? I'm guessing a bucket of bleach isn't enough to scrub their names off. The means to remove one name can't be the same as the rest if Baltimore's name is already nixed from the list, otherwise they'd all be crossed out by now.

It also provides further understand for the old background you used to have for the site, Hjels! That's some clever augmented reality right there.
*Throws rock at mach 4 speed at hedgehog butt*

Good to see AotG back en force.
@Hjels: This certainly isn't the end in the story-telling realm. I've something I feel is a little more powerful under the hood that hopefully I can shine some light on soon in the future. Needless to say your expert writing has helped me improve in my story-telling, Hjels. Without that I would not be where I am now.

This is not the end of Archibald Fenrik VI!
@arswiss: Always gonna catch me on the tumbles! Thanks Roberta :)
@Kroric: >=}D
Don't think of it as goodbye -
It frustrates me on many levels to write a message like this. When starting on this project, I had it in my head that I was untouchable and could continue pumping out Sovereign for as long as I wanted. Creativity has a habit of throwing a curve ball. It's an awkward relationship. One where if you don't meet it on its level and appreciate how it develops and flows inside you, it's gonna crush certain things you start without mercy.

I haven't been doing much in the way of illustration recently. My motivation does tend to swing with the seasons, but I need to find a way to nullify stagnation as much as possible. Whenever I don't do drawing, I feel like when I come around to it that I'm obligated to work on Sovereign. I don't want that, I want to work on other projects and small things as well. It's an awful feeling that ends up neutralizing any motivation I might have accrued in the first place. So I feel the need to axe Sovereign.

This all probably sounds over dramatic and I do plan on adding to Sovereign in the future. It'll be on a when-it's-done basis and maybe it'll even change a marginal amount. I've thought of too much I want to tell to not tell it. (I should also quickly mention there's one more page on buffer for next Saturday).

Sovereign has been a stepping stone to other things. I can see real, REAL improvement between when it started and now which is an amazing thing for me to observe. It's helped me meet some amazing people through the interwebs (you know who you are), discover some fantastic stories that have helped me improve my own abilities; all of which I can safely say that without, I would not be as good as I am now. Sovereign also helped me find my partner in life, someone across the Pacific who I can spend the rest of my years with. For all of this, Sovereign will always be my baby and in the back of my mind.

For the time being you can follow me on my Tumblr to catch other art bits and boots and projects that I've got my heart set upon.

And if the pages keep flowing later in life, far past page 12 of issue 3, this will all seem rather anti-climactic to whoever is reading this at that point.

So just think of it as 'Hiatus'.

Have a great weekend, y'all.