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i'm short and i have red hair XD

i'm a comic artist, i illustrate children's book covers for a semi-famous local author, all i really do is draw all day XD yep. i have a wonderful social life 8D
just sayin i mean...
@brieebriee: OR maybe H0ly made a decision that she wanted because it's her webcomic to do whatever the hell she wants with it
@Guest: shape of it's tail gives that a negative, Pickachu's gender is noticeable by the shape of its tail, and that's been around since the first few games.

if it's a straight lined end, Pickachu's a dude, if it's got a heart like shape at the end, tadah you got a girl.
September 15th, 2012
@Mr. Henry: Well Atty makes DT train himself in Mokepon... XD

some animals are just smart enough to do it themselves! XD
when i first met one of my online friends in person (and she's still my best bud even now) we had to pick her up from the airport, and i was SO tempted to let my dad go get her on his own just to freak her out XD but i decided against it like a good person XD
from what i can tell Holy's goin by marginal game logic:

my Torchic was weak against the rock gym... so what did i do? i knowingly trained that bitch up to a Combusken before even reaching the first rival battle >8D

An eye of the tiger training montage is what we need now, and DT evolving, then massacring the rock gym like a badass.
@reverendjack: lol well unfortunately they dont have an American accent, they BUTCHER the British one instead XD
@reverendjack: pfft Chavs dont read man! XD they run around yelling 'innit checkit out mayte' at people XD
oh Chavs... you HAVE to love them dont you in some 'i wish they'd all DIE' kind of way? XD
oh dear...
you know... you've made me want to restart all of my Pokemon games and have a massive Pokemon Marathon... IT'S NOT GOOD BRO! XD