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Tiny Blue Dragon
Glad You Found Us!
@Eura: The mangamagazine closure was kind of a debacle for us. While we do have a facebook, I'll admit we haven't actually done anything with it for almost a year. You're probably better off going to if you wanna see what Ben (the writer) is up to, and if you wanna see what Elaine (the artist) is up to. Oh, we also have the entire LH archives available for download here: (LH is pay what you want, please support Elaine). Otherwise, happy reading!
So Long And Thanks for All the Likes
So, this is the end of Licensed Heroes. Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed the misadventures of Tempest, Princess Sarah, and Eagle (and Octavia, can't forget Octavia). Elaine and I truly enjoyed created this comic, but well, the above comic explains it all.

Now, I promised you some links so, here we go:
If you want to download our archive for personal viewing go ahead and go here:
If you want to support the talented illustrator Elaine Tipping, check out her patreon here:
If you want to read more of Ben Hsu's work, check out their writer's website here:

Personally, I suggest doing all three, but whatever you do, have fun, and follow your dreams.
At least they have a healthy attitude about the whole thing.

If you liked this comic, please consider reading my non comic work at (coded but not designed)
This Happens All The Time
It's like lying to my girlfriend. I can't do it, my face is a dead give away.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't working on something else. Here's my writer's website (coded, but still being designed):
Yeah Tempest!
Way to make random baseless assumption!

I assume you'd be interested in my new writer's website. Check it out!

Also, don't forget to support us on Patreon!
News Everyone!
Okay, so not your usual comment, but I'd thought I'd mention that I'm branching out a bit and have started my own writer's website. It's a work in progress and I promise it will start looking nicer, but go please go ahead and take a look at my non-comic work.

As always, supporting us on Patreon is always appreciated!
Celebrations abound! Maybe too many celebrations...

Celebrate supporting us on Patreon!
Decisions decisions. What will they choose?

You should choose to support us on Patreon!
You know what they say
The more things change the more they stay the same. Alternative: And then there was no actual progress on anything.

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Sure. They've worked together. Yup. That's a reasonable excuse.

So, what's your excuse for not supporting us on Patreon?
It's not cheating!
It's using spontaneous visual aids to search for answers on the fly.

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They tried
Though given Octavia, I think it'd be outright cheating if they had her helping on the written test.

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Party Composition
Is clearly over rated. Just min/max the hell out of yourself.

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Isn't Sarah Nice
Always letting the common people go first. We'll just ignore the part that it's to set off traps.

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@Nealend: Didn't you read the last question comic? They're "just friends." Though a winged catgirl would be intensely amusing.

I predict you'll all start supporting us on Patreon!
Go Angie
Way to give great advice and still totally miss the point of Eagle's question.

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Hey we made it to comic 400! We're feeling pretty much like Eagle is feeling right now!

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Rich has the right idea, take advantage of being the boss while you can.

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Nothing gets you motivated like unwanted change.

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