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Tiny Blue Dragon
Rich has the right idea, take advantage of being the boss while you can.

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Nothing gets you motivated like unwanted change.

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@SoulRaider116: Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it!
Cram Study
Reminds me of my old college days. Excluding the octopus, I'm sure I would have studied a lot more if I had a pet land octopus in college.

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Reminds me of how I used to exercise, also how I currently exercise.

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I'm not sure what Rich was expecting.

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Tempest and Sarah are really excited aren't they? Too bad it's not their choice.

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It's a minor detail
It's not like he has to give them two weeks notice or anything.

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It just doesn't pay to play it safe.

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Right message
But wrong interpretation. Though I feel like this is every parent ever.

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Meet the parents, have awkward conversations. Good times!

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Career Shift
Well...there ARE certain advantages to being a hero instead of a damsel...that I will get to later...much much later.

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Why Fight?
When you can have a magically created clone that thinks it's you fight for you? (Yeah, you all called it last comic)

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We can all say:
What the shit? At least he's not a load bearing boss.

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And Mei for the kill from behind. Always watch your back!

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Oh Damn!
Punching ineffective, switching to swords (and magic in Angie's case)

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Punch Him!
Punch him till he's sorry Eagle!

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Go Angie
Run and gun! (Or dodge and fire?)

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Whoda thunk? The evil mastermind cheated.

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Just a heads up!
In case you missed it the illustrator of this comic (Elaine Tipping) is holding a kickstarter for her amazing adaptation of the children's classic novel Peter Pan. Back her while there's still time!