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Stroppy. Not very girly.
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    Sue E.
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Hahaha, after she ripped his cloak I was sure he was going to go all Roger Smash!!! Nice that it hasn't quite worked that way. Yet.
Trying to think of a clever way to say it but mostly I just really like this page - it works really well to tell the story, shows a lot about what's going on for both characters through words and body language, and it's pretty too :D
Oooh, very pretty (or whatever the "guy" version of that is) - new colour range, too?
You should do some pinup art for your guys.
So. Just how far ahead to you have this thing scripted? (Asking for a friend)
These last few pages are stunning.
Oh, ssssssnap!
*snerk* Nice.
This storyline is cracking me up.
Even Death wants to be Spidey :D
Roger's interactions with little Harry are awesome.
Ahaha - Roger's expression! Noice...
Finally settling in to reading the archive, getting caught up on the story properly. Nice breaking of the 4th wall, dude. Which 80s? The Stranglers, the Dead Kennedys, the B52s? Or that other stuff ;-)
Death Suit! Death Suit, I mean. Not...that other one.
He shouldn't look adorable in that Punisher outfit, but he kind of does.
80s music was worse.
Really like this page, Carlo! The sudden colour plus just the way it's drawn, really nice ;-)