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Im a dork
OMG HOMESTUCK FAN!!!!!!!! And wow I kinda feel bad for him..he's all alone...I bet it hurts :/ EVEN IF HE MAY HAVE DESERVED IT....still oww </3 :3
Awww so cute!!
Duh she's a girl xD
Dude almost wanted to punch my bros face when u said that JK but I had a small heart attack
October 21st, 2012
Almost had hart attack when I saw the update...xD I'm alright tho!!! Lol yup I def. love this comic more than I should :-/ oh well!! :D
Update soon?
This is good so far!! And I bet everyone else's and me would love u to finish it :D
-facepalm- lol Gavin
Woah!! Didn't see that coming...:D
Dont end this comic plz this is a whole new level of awesome and I need some awesome in my life
What does it mean by "the end" like end of chapter or..end of whole comic? Hopefully it's just chapter but if it is whole comic :( I loved it so and btw HOW DO PEOPLE DRAW LIKE THIS I can only do scribbles and little detail but man this is soooo freskin talented :3
X.X -died of shock and laughter-
Sbsksbwosbspanqlalki~ omg I love it when little boys blush and cry 0//0 cuz usually when there older there a cute uke but sumtimes =w= they become f-ing sexy semes. heheheheheh -Pervy mode actavadted- *goes and eats a sanwitch* "what! just cuz it's 3:40 in the morning I can't eat? "
LADY BONER =w= mines huge right now :3 these last few pages are amazing!!! To bad I ran otta towels and many nosebleeds....I have lost a lot of blood but I need to wait for more....pages...-dies from blood loss-
September 22nd, 2012
So hot •w•
September 7th, 2012
MOAR?..:)..awwwwwww he is spying on a kid who would allways follow him around thats awdoarable!!!! ^_^
HOMESTUCK!!!!!!!! OMGOG I LOVE HOMESTUCK.......but this is a odd place for a CARES
That is one naughty unicorn.....SWEET!!!!....but now I'm scared of my stuff animals 0.0
I can only guess what's gonna happen.....*thinks*......-relization-.....oh shit!.... O\\\\\O.......ur sooooo dirty....i love it....xD can't wait till the next page!!!
DREN IS SOO BRAVE.....I love it!!!!!!!! 0.e