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Two years ago, I moved away to a boarding school/job training program, with limited internet.

As I came back home, I thought, "Hey, maybe by now Two Evil Scientists is back to updating!"

I was wrong. So very, very, wrong.
Yeah, Triple Trouble. Hmmm...
Hmm, from Ice Cream schemes to raising a Zombie Army. Princess's moving up in the world.
This is awesome!
Man, I missed this comic so much...
*as Joey* "Ugh, I've got VALENTINE all over me!"

... Sorry, I've been watching too much MST3K lately. In fact, I'm watching it right now.

Hehe, 'Honey Bunches of DEATH!'
Aww, look at the shorty lil' psycho-killer!
"And then Samus woke up, discovering that it was all a dream..."
O_O Umm, I jumped for joy when Kira died. He may be the protagonist,but he was not the hero.
Hmm, I wondered where they went.
@CursedBluto: Actually, something like that happens in CT too.

You refuse to explain the Gate Key to Azala, she summons Nizbel.

You tell her what it is, she calls you a liar (it can't be that easy) and summons Nizbel.

Either way, get your Lightning techs ready.

Happy Anniversary
And he finally pulls it out.
Amazingly, My hiatuses (hiatusi?) away from the internet coincide with the breaks in Andrew's Epic. (No internet access from October 'till a few days ago.)

Yay for auto-updates!
Slash first, ask questions later.
By the way, you posted this twice.
Probably because she's a robot, who can be repaired.
Humans, however, are a lot more fragile.
Actually, it's a recolor of Colonel from MegaMan X4.

Heads up: Both this and yesterday's are marked 'pt. 2.'

Oh, and I commend you on the usage of the word 'Boob' without referring to breasts. I haven't seen that in ages.
Daffy Duck: "Don't go away, Daniel Boob, I'll be back in a flash!"
I'd say Lulu but she doesn't seem at all uncomfortable at Adrian's presence...

So nevermind. Yeah.