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I'm a vampire, see my pale skin sparkle?

I like anime/manga, video games, music, nature and coffeeee. I own a shit ton of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Tragically, I'm what I'd call a "gamepulsive buyer".

I work in a window factory. I take the small frame, I look for the glass (it's like a game), make the "sash" (small window), put the sash away, then go get a big frame, go find the sash (cause I lost it), put it into the big frame (now a big window), then put it onto a cart (no, you can't ride them).
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Mr. Fish!?
@Barn0wl: I named mine Spanky. :P

@Crauss: I hope you feel better soon, but take your time recovering.
@Harangue: All the better! ;D
Heyy, this chick is pretty! XD And, I just realized that she's on the first cover you drew for the comic. How far ahead have you planned!?
@Helix_luco: Well played. ;D