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Nice, evil, short in height and temper.
Like movies, games, drawing, swords, guns, the thought of world domination, and naked fridays ;P
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Happy birthday
Ive been reading this comic for a while now but never actually managed to get myself to make a comment... oh well this is a perfect opportunity :)
Oh and btw? In case you care? I bought assassins creed becouse of this comic.
And i love it <3
(both the game and the comic)
hope youll have a nice b-day dont choke on the cake and keep drawing :D
i know its horrid
but its all better now and you can walk on the floor and evrything :D
sure why not
just tell me what you you want and ill try :)
yeah i know...
its bad...
my room
And this is why it took me three weeks getting my room livable again...
I have no idea how i managed to get it like this in the first place...
I was going to do more stuff but kinda got distracted... my room was horrid...
So instead of making comics i have been cleaning. I am going to get a guy over and figured it would be a good idea tobe able to walk on the floor... So in any case when im done and after hes gone back to his home i will make lots of comic thingies to make up for it. :)
Like what i picked up in the grocery store. And other stuff :) So have patience and just wait. Im not dead yet...

Oh and this pic was supposed to be a self portrait but i figured out how to make freckles... i like freckles... So its now some girl who looks just like me but with freckles X3
Its kinda an experimental pic. made it in photoshop without using a hand drawn skech to it witch is how i always do otherwise.
I want a tablet... its to annoying to use the mouse :(
No problems i liked doing it (when i got away from the distractions long enough to actually do it ^-^;)
okay sorry

(he still looks like a freaked out gecko to me)
And thats the end of it :)
Finally done:D
It only took me about a day to sketch, ink, scan, put in order, frame, colour, and write the text for it :)
And if there is anything wrong with the way the lil buggers look then i dont want to hear about it... I only had one reference pic (i know i coulda gotten more but im lazy).
But i dont think i could possibly have to many things wrong with Kirby... he has to be one of the easiest things in the game worlds to draw...
I snore...
Yeah so i had to my owns suprise a lotta fun at the festival thing. There will be a more detailed thing about it at some point (have to do one about Kjell first).
And when i sleep i sleep like a dead. A dead person that snores.
There should be dogs...
My social skill is a spiky Hermit crab with barbed wire around. Then a minefield and another fence of barbed wire, ELECTRIFIED barbed wire. On a deserted island far out in the ocean... Ther should really be a few rabid attack dogs walking on the minefield but i cant draw those... ^-^;
I dont know why i just feel scared when i first use a new machine. It feels like if i push just one thing the whole things gonna blow up i my face ^.^;
One hella distraction...
Ive never had a laptop before... I know there is lotsa people out there to whom this dont seem like a big deal but it was/is to me.
To Thyme
This is all to the lovley person who made the first fave on my page :D
To be nice i offerd to make a pic. And got this request...
I wanna see that
I love siblings being made fun of :)
And i promise ill tell her she makes a cut doggie :3
He he
My sister asked me last night if i could make one with her in it :)
So i did :3
If i can toryure her then why not >X3
I figured this needed to be a bit better so i changed the layout and addes colours to it :) (lazy colouring job but its just for the sake of it so shush)
Im adorable i know :3
HUM hum i MEANT thank you :)I just drew it once for the banner and then it got stuck...
And it IS a lovley dress isnt it? i really hope that someday ill get him to wear it :3
Be afraid...
The dress will get you someday...
Oh well Tobias is a whimp and have for the longest time avoided my attempts of making him all prettylike :P
But one day hell fall...
And hell be gorgeus :3
Oh and i guess its basicly obius by now that i have decided to have my drawn self be a piggy :D Although i can see myself as a big fat spoiled perser cat, there is to many cat people in the world and thus... im a piggy :D
well thank you :)
Thats nice of you to say i dont think ive ever had someone say that before :3