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Oh! Happy! Happy! I love the exorsits.
... What a beautiful men. Gaaah
@SolaraHedgie: ... Woah... I did not noticed it at all OO
This Webco' is so cuuuuuuute! I want they continue to do that all the time, can they?

And where is the "Fav+" button? I can't find it...

[Ok, I just find it... ]
O...M....G Tu dessines juste trop bien, je suis amoureuse de tout tes persos masculins sans exception, même le rose est pas gênant, ce qui est un exploit pour moi. Je veux leur vêtements!!! Tellement que s'ils étaient en face je leur arracherais. 8D *horny face*
Hello, Mirazie. I'm new on smackjeeves, and today I was looking really hard for a new yaoi web comic. I saw Lost Love, and I was like "Well, why not?"

But I was not prepared for that. You know, English is not my first language, but well, I could not stop to read! I spent all my day long on your story (and I feel very strange about it, because I know you spent years). And I was here, reading that Matt wanted to spend his time off with Simon (SimXMatt, my favorite pairing, tee-hee)... And... No "Next" Button. NAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOh!
Daniel is a character I know well because I dreamt about a guy like him, but his uke was totally in love with him. And Joshua... How old he is? About twelve??? He should be a super extra hyper uke, isn't it?
And about May... I kinda like her. Is she you?

I will continue to read that awesome BL story hoping that Matt will totally fall in love with Simon, and that Daniel die. 8D

Just one thing... Why don't you justify you text? It's... Disturbing me a lot...

I can't wait!,