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Comment on Ask the Cast, again! Round 2. of Wootlabs
Oleai, 14 Nov 2013 06:37 pm
Hahaha! I want one.
Comment on Pantone Matchmaking System of Wootlabs
Oleai, 22 Oct 2013 06:11 am
You made that hippie nonsense turn suddenly very menacing with that last panel. XD I scrolled down just perfect.

Also, ahem. Hyperion Force issues. :3c
Comment on Conflict Evolution of Wootlabs
Oleai, 22 Sep 2013 07:46 pm
whens mahvel

Also: That last panel is epic.
Comment on Chakras and Cheat Codes Cover of Wootlabs
Oleai, 16 Sep 2013 09:00 pm
Might be my favorite cover yet~
Comment on Open Fire! of Wootlabs
Oleai, 28 Jul 2013 06:09 pm
Penny and Alice BFFs.

Comment on Longing of Wootlabs
Oleai, 04 Jul 2013 01:54 am
Hell yeah! This is Alice's issue, I can feel it.

Riot Girl forever.
Comment on Lynn is a terrible DPSer. of Wootlabs
Oleai, 26 Jun 2013 11:35 am
Comment on Deduction Strategies of Wootlabs
Oleai, 03 Jun 2013 05:58 pm
Who is that weird ghost girl Amy is about to punch?

Also, those same three thugs have had a bad week. XD
Comment on Tell me what? of Wootlabs
Oleai, 27 May 2013 04:00 pm
Comment on The Gift of Power of Wootlabs
Oleai, 20 May 2013 10:45 am
I know a bunch about Captain N! I was barely alive when it aired!

It is a part of gaming culture. :3

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