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Hello everyone! I am sonicmadgirl. You may have seen me being a freak before. Now I have an account to be freaky with.

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Comment on Chapter 13 Page 12- Decision of Evil Plan
sonicmadgirl, 07 Sep 2014 07:32 pm
Stan, I know you mean well.
But did you need to break a glass to prove it? I mean really. I just snap a few pencils. Maybe I'm not hardcore enough.

P.S That vote incentive. Last sentences. N'yaaaaaw. And the mug. I bet I can guess who bought him that....*coughcoughstillobsessedcoughcough*
Comment on Chapter 13 Page 11- Magic Mind Powers of Evil Plan
sonicmadgirl, 31 Aug 2014 03:26 pm
Never did I think I would see...
The day that Stan referred to his telekinetic ability as 'Magic Mind Powers'. Wow.
Comment on Chapter 13 Page 3- Bank Life of Evil Plan
sonicmadgirl, 29 Jun 2014 06:13 pm
I guess she keeled over first. This is DEFINITELY gonna have some effects on Stan's mind.
Comment on Chapter 13 Page 1- After of Evil Plan
sonicmadgirl, 15 Jun 2014 06:00 pm
I love everyone's different reactions, especially that last line. So unemotional.
Comment on Chapter 12 Page 32 of Evil Plan
sonicmadgirl, 01 Jun 2014 10:38 pm
...This upcoming chapter is going to make me want to cry and mourn him, isn't it?
Comment on Chapter 12 Page 26- All in One Basket of Evil Plan
sonicmadgirl, 28 Apr 2014 07:31 pm
Telekinetic Tiramisu!!
Oh my gosh, he's ACTUALLY gonna make telekinetic cake. Pfft.

And I didn't notice, cause your drawings are as nicety on the computer as they are IRL. Plus, you know how you have Manga Studio 5, you said? So do I!
Comment on Chapter 12 Page 25- Listen to the Man of Evil Plan
sonicmadgirl, 21 Apr 2014 06:18 pm
Uwaaah, so suspenseful!
I totally wanna see what happens next, as per usual, but now I want it more than usual!!
Comment on Chapter 12 Page 23- Ouch of Evil Plan
sonicmadgirl, 23 Mar 2014 05:44 pm
"Quit stalling and make me into a superhero!"
...And thus, the most morbidly ironic line of the whole comic thus far was born.
Comment on Chapter 12 Page 22: Cakeless of Evil Plan
sonicmadgirl, 16 Mar 2014 05:43 pm
Guest comic?
I'll get right on it!

And also, I agree with the above stkbayfield theory. The cake is a lie.
Comment on Chapter 12 Page 19- A Creepy Mirror of Evil Plan
sonicmadgirl, 23 Feb 2014 03:11 pm
Stan, you are one idiot of a genius.

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