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You can just call me "Boss"

I like Homestuck, League, Pokemon, Philosophy, and like, a buncha other stuff

I also have no friends

Only acquaintances

I am agnostic atheist, meaning I don't believe in god, but I don't disprove of one either. I don't think anyone can know if there is a god or not until they die, and if there is a god, that's fine with me. If there isn't, that's fine too.

That pretty much sums up my life, social, love, philosophy, and all.

Also, on other sites you'll probably know me as Proto, Logic, or Levi. SJ Is the only site I have ever used "MonkeysUncle" as a screen name.
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Give him the wrong answers Crys!
do you have the remnants of your afro kept in a jar somewhere
Inb4 Crys gets addicted to painkillers
This is one of the few comics that legitimately makes me smile in real life when I see there's a new update
that poochyena's face tho
As much as I love hussie's style, It's really difficult for me to do, and until further notice, I Will be drawing this comic like I do everything else. However, I will be keeping the sort of white and black color scheme for the houses.
That sly dog.
>Look Closer (I can't really see anything to single out)
>Peek in new room (Welcome back by the way!)
lots of typo's and grammar issues, fix that, and it's probably not half bad
It says designed by Foremen made by jebo14 in there. Credit was given.
too fast, for the naked eye. sonic the hedge clod
why is tails so handsome lmao
@NekoVira: Yes, it looks much more even
Nice, but center the text so there's an even amount of pixels on each side.
Ohp I can see it now
I can't see it 3:
@8bithuman: Maybe there was a hill we couldn't see because there was no shading? I got nothin', but maybe if it was a flat surface a few more frames imbetween suddenly becoming a dot would be better
it would only be illuminati if there were 3 gba-styled kirby comics starting up in february
I'm a lazy ass.
Hopefully tomorrow i'll be able to dedicate a large chunk of time to grinding out comics for the next week or so, but I'm a lazy fuck and don't have the dedication to do that, even though i really love all my ideas and aspirations with a furious passion. One day i'll get it done. One day. I have so much planned out, you don't even know. It's just making the comics that's time consuming. Maybe i'll write it out first and publicize that, then make the comic. I dunno, I'm so tired it's like i just drank 2 liters of opium and i'm prolly gonna go to bed kthxbye