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Awwww this couple seem sooooo interesting, cant wait to see them in the real stuff !
I love your story so much ! been looking for some serious BDSM comics, and you coupling it with Self harm issues, is just pushing all my button, can't wait for more !
Woah he's gorgeous on this page !
May 27th, 2016
Nooo let us see them tooooooo !
"O-O-oh no my lord I do not deserve to share a bath with y-y-y-you"
" Shut up and open yourself for me "

Well, in my fantasies it's like that :D
Congratz for the little girl ! is her name is as complicated as the aztec one ?

I hope you will continue this masterpiece of work ! you are really my fav MM story/comic all universe/type confonded !
January 27th, 2016
Case 2
The case 2 is so funny, haha I like their face ! nice job ! :D
can't wait to read more !
Congratz !!

awww they are so cute together :3
I really ship them !
and it's really GREAT o/
can't wait your new way to process your comics :3
ups misunderstanding of me....
that was not takuya, thanks god x'D
sorry dor that.
awwwwwwh what have you done with takuya's hair O_O he was so hawt before with long hair.... !
awwwwh that's so sweet ad cuuuute :3
buuuh I'm so sad for Mars :(
aawwwwh nooo what have you done ?
his wavy hairs was really cute & better !
Awwwwwh Mar is his Zoipan O_O
nice action here !
great comic !
can we hope for a next or do you abandon :( ?
Wow... I'm just speechless with your art... these 3 panels with aldi are really...gorgeous.
you are a genius !
and aldi is so cute !
your art and story are gorgeous !
thanks to share a jewel like that.
Micah is so handsome :3
Yay alive o/
Thank a lot for updating !
Can't wait to see Erik again (with Mikal of course :3)