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Atty's wearing his over-stretched jumper backwards...
So good to see you back!
It would have been sad to see this stalled for ever with no more update. This is one good comic :3 Hope to see more, and I love how you draw, btw :)
She's going to kick the Gym Leader's pokemon's ass and get back the jumper!
What a good girl.
It's cool she evolved! "Soon", she will be a Charizard!
Be pleased Atty, she did that for you! (and maybe for the jumper too)

(Now that's I've been watching Ixion Saga... seeing a 'DT' brings back memories of hard laugh...)
Said negligent trainer appears!
Atty looks sad, or... surprised but not too much, like 'wtf?' in a calm way...

And maybe the Bugcatchers are brothers...
A big, big, really big family of Bugcatchers across the PokeWorld.
Either he noticed his pokemon missing, either he founds creepy being called cute...
or both...
He drew George!
If I were him I would have slapped her...
Atty needs to let off some some steam sometimes... and find another jumper.

On a totally unrelated note, is his father still around? It always bothered me how you never met your father once in the games, besides ruby/sapphire/emerald where the father is a gym leader...
Writing a diary? With pictures maybe? Or scribbling his jumper on a piece of paper? (saw one one (or two?) pages ago on his knees)
I'm seeing a yellow blotch thingy in right-top panel... Is that normal, or has my sight worsened?
Problems do happens, it's okay. ;)
The picture is so cute, btw :3
Loving Kuro words :D and face (if you call that a face)
October 16th, 2012
The more pages I'm seeing, the more I'm thinking it's kin of cute :3 I like this pairing (as well as others)
Your art is cute too :)
Dragonthing can be a lighter, right? Brent shouldn't bother searching for his lighter since he has a living one! If I was a smoking poke-trainer, I'd do that.
You serious, Kahn? It can't be okay if Atty lost his jumper.
Gym Leaders are some sort of legal robbers I guess, taking half the content of a blacked out guy's wallet...
I don't seem to see his jumper... Will he get it back one day?
The third panel remind of Lion King at the beginning, whith Mufasa teaching Simba to hunt then have to go because Hyenas went to his territory. :3
Brent going berserk?! Wanna see!