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I'm just a genderfluid senpai, I just go with the flo!

I love yaoi, horror, n adventure anime and manga. Please enjoy what I have to offer.

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We can't update this week due to exams! Sorry
XD yasssd
XD yassss!! and hopefully ill be able to contribute moreee
September 21st, 2014
that chibi though XD

Sai is so adorable
lolz Simon looks like a perv XD

he has his sights set on a couple of the peeps in thiss lolz
XD lolz glad to see you're back bro, adn i love Matts linessss XD TOO PERF
lolz ill try but someone does it for meh thatd be nice, im out of town visiting family atm!

i dont have much time to draw as much as i want to!
XD lolzz subtle XD
XD that works!!! GL on exams chick!

and LOLZZZZZ Joseph.....
XD toooo cute!
Damn....not even trying to be classy about it like with the other guy....LUCKY...WOW....JUST WOW

But revenge is sweet i guess XD
most valid are ya gonna get him to stayy?
lolzz XD

i should be able to do a page this week
Lolzz XD go Kaito!
Awwww okayzz. Lolzzzz Bairo!!!
XD awesomeee
XD Derek is a true bro
XD buahahahaha

so perfect!!! i enjoy this lots!
my OTP of this comicccc