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Aurora, her talent has to do with the cold and her personality matches it. Her heart is stone cold (figuratively speaking). Well won't really be missing her.
No matter who goes, someone is bond to be anger after TC.
Poor Stiletto, she just can't seem to pull out a victory. Hopefully she can survive whatever Cree's planing
Well even though Cree hates Stiletto, she isn't as mean as Couscous. But anyway, it looks like Stiletto is going to have another idol be used against her.
@Vilecheese: Yeah at least Erin used one of the best Monty Python jokes ever before he left.
@Vilecheese: @Vilecheese: He's talking about when Geoff did that in the webcomic Total Drama Survivor by pgcool
As long as Erin survives, I'll be fine with the outcome.
Well maybe Pyro could have won if Couscous had tried, honestly she's the virus of Pyro.
First we had pig jokes, then we had Monty Python jokes and now we have Pokemon jokes.
The Nelson/Cree conflict reminds me of Issac & Montana from SFC3
Erin has just solidified his spot on my list of my favourite contestants.
Alexandra: 10
Allegro: 7
Brandy: 6
Cassius: 1
Danny: 7
Deadeye: 7
Ellie: 10
Grimsby: 7
Haylee: 0
Louise: 9
Nikki: 3
Paul: 10
Ridley: 0
Thom: 1
Valerie: 7
Zack: 10
Safe to say that's one of the biggest blowouts in a challenge yet.
If Akatine does loss immunity, I rather have Val go than Ellie
and see Dempsey makes me want to know if my character was accepted or not.
And Ridley shows use what not to do in Survivor. Won't miss her at all.
I don't know who's going but I'm going to guess either Allegro or Brandy with Valerie as my third choice
Since the swap I still don't know who I hate more, Ridley or Haylee.
And looking at Ralph makes me a bit worried that my character will not make it.
Yeah no real loss here.
Well if Haylee argues with someone else now, then hopefully Alex will not let you back in.