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I like things.
@GabrielsThoughts: you know, this whole time I've been drawing super quick just so I don't end up spending several hours on 1 page. I might have some semi-recent stuff on my deviantart, ceramicbullet.
@GabrielsThoughts: :O no but now I shall try it!!!! Thank you!
I need to stop doing things last minute and actually work on the comic. My work is so sloppy D:. To be fair, these fine point Sharpies suck, and keep bleeding all over the place D:<
Okay, so this week has been a little stressful to say the least, but I wanted to introduce the league of evil properly. This isn't a comic strip as much as a preview of the villains to come in the later episodes. You all already know about the Duct Tape Scientist, Janitor, and Mr. Magic (from the interview episodes), but I've introduced Rabid Rabbit, Lady Penguin, The Mushroom Overlord, Captain Ferret, the Western Weasel, Dr. Lexter, and Sir Edgar Prize and his Elephant, the Elephant of Sir Prize.

So I really half-assed this one, but to be fair, I've been busy, and my birthday was yesterday (the 5th). Anyway story will continue next week, my lovelies!!!
And y'all thought they were gonna be food :3... Silly humans.
So this was what has been going on in a nutshell. Jobs were lost, interviews were had, things were stolen, friends and relations came and went, bitches were jocked, ho's were slapped, money was had, money was gone, I graduated school, learned a bit of piano, became an evil demon overlord, all in all, a pretty interesting few months. Anywho, COMICS ARE BACK, EVERYONE!!!

So when I started my corporate tech job, I fell in love with markers in my training class, and I will be using markers to make the comics from here on out...

PS if anyone wants to see Florencia, the laptop that got me a tech job, here's my DA, loaded with other art goodies:
YES :D a filler... David bowie McPsychoBunny, complete with the trademark Bowie bulge! :D FANSERVICE

So I need to go on a hiatus for personal reasons, but if you care to ask, my blog, my class project, my explanation is here:

Again, sorry for the delay and i should be on the ball again soon.
Go Hack Girl, GO! Show him what for!
@GabrielsThoughts: The burning means it's working :D MEEEERRY BELATED X-MAS!!!!
@GabrielsThoughts: There are way too many speculations as to why it stopped existing until now. I just looked up the data on "Family Dog," and Tim Burton was a producer, and that explains why Sparky resembles the dog, minus the stitches.

Honestly, I missed out on watching Ted (too busy with other matters). American Dad is a great series. Sure the characters don't develop past 1 episode, and every moral learned is forgotten by the next show, but the humor is darker and wittier than that of Family Guy. How was Ted?
@GabrielsThoughts: To be honest, I can't remember Michael Jackson Mickey Mouse, but since Bonkers was a Disney cartoon, it isn't farfetched. Honestly, I barely remember the cartoon since they played it late at night and I was so little at the time.

Do they even play the Flinstones or The Jetsons anymore? It's like those cartoons have vanished.

On a similar note, the original live action Frankenweenie doesn't seem to exist anymore either :/ most folk don't know the one in theatres is a remake.

How the hell are American Dad and Ted any different? Both are from Seth MacFarlane :/

Well I'm glad you can enjoy my comic, and that the humor does reach out to at least some kind of an audience. Thank you for your patronage :3
@GabrielsThoughts: But Bonkers was amazing!!!! Too bad they don't show the cartoon anymore :/
@GabrielsThoughts: It wasn't a spin off, but it didn't live very long at all :/. Made by the same guy, though. Had like 20 episodes and no one but me seemed to like it very much.
I think i want that to be a thing... you know, in stead of religious words, I use science words. Instead of "God" and "Jesus," I'll say "Math" and "scientific method."
@GabrielsThoughts: Hmmmm... You think they'd be different from doctor to rabbit? I was considering it would be like a hector con carne thing where he sounded just like he did before he became a brain.
@Mama of Hitman (again): Awwww Thank you :D
@GabrielsThoughts: now when you say Dexter, do you mean the scientist or the murderer? Dexter is pretty close, but I haven't thought of a good voice for him yet :/ Although I like your suggestion :3
@NMA: Instant Science is received within 10-14 days of order. Instant Science is not responsible for any loss or disintegration of mail while shipping.
Sorry about the quality of this one, guys :/. Lost my finepoint Sharpie. Not to mention the new job has only given me about 5.5 hours of sleep a night, and I have to do classes and stuff so I've been busy. Should be better next week :D