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yeah. first comes "hanging out".
then comes. "boyfriend-girlfriend relationship that no one can disturb in the name of all sacred things including the statue of liberty and the 2nd book on the 12th shelf of the biggest library in Europe".
yes. c,:
my life is complete.
chris stop talking so we can see his face!!! D:<
your speech bubbles are blocking him
10 days...
seems legit
ooooooh a wild lemonhead has appeared :o
i wish i could wake up like that every morning
he looks like young atticus *shot*
for some reason i doubt MH has two dollars...
the hat's frowning
i think if i were one of the characters, i would be abby 。◕‿◕。
aww this is so cute -u-
gonna keep my eye on this comic...
Atticus was actually getting into it in the 8th panel... but then, THWAP.