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@Kayla5927: Mmmmm kind of. LOL Screaming like a girl is more of my other character's thing, Felix.
Oooooh! He's cute. <: I'm sure Gravis will have fun pestering him about medicine. LOL
Ahhhhh thank you all! Feel free to mess with him as much as you like. LOL
Oh man! She's so cute! ;u; I really love your art style, too!
This is my second character, Gravis Amarus! He's my first OC that I've ever made. u v u. In case you can't read my handwriting:

Name: Gravis Amarus
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Likes: Eggplants, fancy clothes, drawing, romance novels, sheep, alpacas
Dislikes: Drawing hands/feet, bullying, his malfunctioning drawing tablet

-Parents are British, so he has an accent
-While he likes to draw, he wants to go into medicine
-Very Polite
-Bottles up negative emotions
-Is a giant romantic dork
-Enjoys staying "dingus"
This is my first character. u n u The second one will be coming up soon! I'm sorry that this didn't come out better. If you can't read my poopy handwriting, it says the following:

NAME: Felix Fokari
AGE: 16

LIKES: Books, technology, writing, singing, food
DISLIKES: People that poke fun at him, sleeping, going without electronics, being called "spoiled".

-Spoiled, rude rich kid
-Easily grossed out
-Easily offended
-Neat freak
-Always hungry
-Scared easily
-Sent to camp to learn discipline/manners
August 11th, 2012
I would love to join! o: I get the part about sending in the application, but do I link to the picture of the camper?