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Omg poor Daimin ; A ; And sad V there ; ^ ; haha
I really like it! :D I might continue this huehuehue e v e
HAHAHA! So perfect! <3
West's face EPIC!

Poor Dylan ajnkasd ; - ;
SO ADORABLE! It makes me go AWWWWW all the time *u*
HAHAHA XD I love that moment of the rp! xD

Albion best fashion adviser :D
HAHAHA! -dies-

Macy is so adorable > u <
Ah it's so awesome! ; - ; I love your style! Have I said it already? Yes? No?SO I'm telling you now! > U <

I adore her expression c:
Haha I love the last panel <3 Clark's expression haha <3

Great job c:
You're welcome <3

hahaha I hope so x3
Yaay for first page here <3
This is awesome <3 Great job ^^

That weird looking fish.. it wants to eat my soul D:
Omg omg omg <3 I'm so excited about this c:

I have NO IDEA how V is gonna react to her cabinmate lol I guess we have to wait and find out <3
penis hehehe

I love it <3 and background is awesome <3
Huhuhu <3

AHJDBHDJGHJB I'm so excited to see them togetheeer <3 OMG OMG I'm already fan of them <333
Aww I'm so glad dear ; U ; <3

Thank you <3 I'm sure your handwriting is pretty <3
Ahh she's so beautiful <3 I love her so much <3

She's gonna make a lot of friends I'm sure of it c: V is gonna like her really much c:

and OMFG she and Mark <3 Gee perfection <3
I love his smile soo much! <3
I can't be scared of him...I fell in love with him xDDD LOL
@sakukie Hahaha yeah you're right xD I hated dying in the water while playing the game.. Sometimes it wasn't even that deep lol xD

+ I love the monsters c:
Ahh I love them c: even if they're gonna kill us all xD

good I haven't seen Silent Hill like monsters so far xD
Shiiit I'm sure it's real D: I'm not good at running..I'm gonna dieeee D:
You're welcome <3