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I'm shane. I like varius things and occasional stuff.
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Those two are just too dang perfect omg ^w^
Oooh macy ya 'lil scamp :3 cutie piesss~!
Oh, cool, Ches! Lovely panel work!
The first page! cool! This is so exciting :D
ohohoho those darling little rebels /)w(\ cutieess~! lovely work!
Hey, just a thought, but maybe someone should make a reference sheet of what the buildings look like?
she sounds delightfully obnoxious! this is going to be fun ^w^
He looks fun to draw!
I like your use of light!
She's the kinda person who loves to ready creepy stories in the middle of the day and then regrets it when the lights are off haha

She would probably be really scared at the moment and then just curious/fascinated later when she thinks back to what happened.
@Kayla5927: That's what I was thinking when I first saw Lisanna :D . They would both be too shy to speak to each other at first and then they would slowly open up and become best buds. They would totes just sit lone together real quiet and whisper and smirk at each other c:'
I really like her design! I think having Ches and her in the same room would be deliciously awkward, hehe.
This is really cool!
IS it okay if I make a monster or two? I have a few ideas that might be cool...
ohoho~ he's gonna be fun to work with :)
Thanks! I had to mess with her hair for a while to get a style I was satisfied with,
I misspelled intelligence
how ironic