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Oh man oh man oh man i'm just a guy on the internet
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5'd just for the title of this webcomic.
Oh latinateen, you.
I have gotten lazier.

Edit: I have gotten lazers.
Thanks for the art critique Cricket!

I like your suggestion on the art, may be expeirmenting a bit with borders. Namely I think if I stick with the black bold outlines for characters but do background borders in darker shades their main color (ex. dark gray) it'll help differentiate the two.
He's not dead, just taking a break. Remember to check back here in a month or two!

More info in News section.
I likah your style! Photoshop fx ftw?
No comic this week (I've got two half done) just filler. Sorry!

More filler at my secondary comic Roly Poly Adeventure Buggy:
She really is a fun person we just caught her at a bad time.
breaking the sjeeves
Hey sorry about taking so long to post; disease and college were taking their toll. This comic is really only going to be funny if you know your anime conventions. But look pretty colors!
Yeah, I know, I said I'd update Mon. Wen. Fri. last week and ended up taking a week hiatus instead. Sometimes life gets in the way though.

I don't really like this page but I'd basically had had the whole thing assembled since last Thur. So rather than scrapping it I just polished it up and posted.
S'OK, I get fuckeds sometimes too. Ya just needs ta avoid the internet when your fuckeds.
The plural of samurai looks all sorts of wrong...

Anyways got some things to report:
1. I'm going to update mon. wen. fri. this week. Just a little test to see if I can keep up with a regularly updating the comic.

2. The perfect example of the wandering, dress wearing, swordmaster can be found her:
Seriously though, Kenji is a great lil comic done by a friend of mine. Feel free to shout at him to update.

3. I'm thinking about using the "News" section to post a sort of behind the scenes commentary on the comic. 'Cause that's the sort of self-absorbed guy I am.

Whew! G'night folks.
They were about to marry when Ben Afleck randomly met Jen. Jen and Ben had a series of hilarious misadventures and by the time the wedding day arrived Jen had run off with the movie superstar.
Alrighty, I see the pattern and all... now you need to mix it up! draw porn on MS Paint and have your background the comic or something like that. I'd 5 it...
10 points to the person who gets the reference in the title of this page!
I've acomplished my life long dream of using three different fonts in one comic.
Toaster Burns!
This has got to be laziest comic I've ever made. Still took me an hour though, heh.
Whew! A lotta work into this one and I'm pretty happy with it all in all. I've always loved cutaway drawings and attempting one was fun.

Also: I editted the page before this; the control center should appear smaller now. I resubmitted page #25 as well. It has a punchline now and has the cinematic pullback effect I wanted.
Very Cool
I think I understand now. The way to keep from feeling sad about life is to fight an invading army. It's so clear. In a life and death situation there is no existential angst.

I move to Somalia tommorow.
Back when i was a kid we called it LARP but no one could remember what LARP stood for so we all just pounded on each other with foam weapons. Good times.