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I currently live in Ohio. I am a college student and I eat way too much junk food. If you're curious about anything else you can PM me. I'd apreciate any feed back on my comic. <3 For now, I update M-W-F.
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haha! Funny stuff.
I like one inch punch, personally.
I didn't think he said it because of ignorance. I've met people like Peter when I first come out to the midwest. There were many people surprised I had black friends back in Maryland (no surprise, I grew up 15 minutes out of DC) I think people like Peter are funny... in a tragic sort of way.
Wow, that took me a second to get. Hahaha!
haha, call me.... secret telephone #. lol.
I think panel 5 is better. I honestly have no idea what he's been going on about either. XD
A little early to tell if I'll really like this or not but I'll keep an eye on it.
haha, I know the type. "My ancestors were oppressed so I'm going to be a jackass to you now for the injustice I never suffered and you had no responsibility for."

Enjoyable comic by the way. :)
the last panel is a conversation I have at sometime almost every time I meet someone. You have an amazing comic that has a little bit of something for all kind of people to relate to.
awww, that's so cute.... and kind of creepy... but mostly cute :)
Sure "there's sex in my room" is a great line but the one that I love is right after that. "You must be Peter" that's the line that had me laughing.

also @ linnifer: amen to that. It seems like all you have to do is list your comic as "manga" and you instantly have 50 fans.
It looks like you might have spelled it "wAndering" instead of "wOndering" in the next to last panel. Just trying to help out, I really like the comic.
"is your number in it"
Great stuff. I'm loving this comic.
he certainly looks it in the silhuette but it's not quite as obvious to me until you said something.
haha. Got what was coming to him. And the "Are you kidding, I'm from Greenland" line is hilarious.
kind of interesting so far. I'd like to keep an eye on it but I don't notice a regular update schedule. I'm sure you're tying though. I think I'll wait for a little more before I decide if I want to favor not. ;)
great chapter but I think "20 stupid questions" is a misnomer. I don't think any of these questions were stupid at all. A lot of these questions are ones that people really have if they have grown up in a more conservative community or homosexuality is not prominent in their upbringing or culture. I had some similar questions when I met my first gay friend and he was kind and patient enough to let me ask a few questions and gave me time to become comfortable with it. (it didn't take very long since I had a fairly liberal upbringing)

I think more people should be willing to sit down and ask and answer these questions rather than making assumptions and passing judgment.
I love the look on cristo's face on the last panel.
intriguing so far. I think I'll keep an eye on it.