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I am me. I like anime. Cartoons. JtHM. That's all you shoud know for now.
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Well, my mom couldn't get her computer back and pffft, all my stuff was gone.

Fast forward 5 months. I got my old computer back, and a new cord for my tablet. I looked back at my old comic, and realized I could do so much better and I have improved ten-fold over these past few months, so fear not.

Nekomimi Switch isn't dead, but it is getting an awesome reboot on a computer that I don't have to share. Yippee!
@werekitty13: of course not:( i think of updating it everyday! but I have all my info on my moms computer and she did not get it back yet! Hopefully soon...
October 18th, 2012
how did she get wings? is she a cat angel or aomething?
September 4th, 2012
i like how you added a bit of mythologhy(is that the right word???)to how they transform. I wonder if there is a whole COMMUNITY who can transform....
thank you!!!!
@SpongetheCat: i hope you enjoy. I plan on utilising your little tutorial, mostly on the filler(that was a very helrful tutorial, btw)
@werekitty13:ive heard of Inkscape... i definately have to check it out now!
@werekitty13: This is really great news. After a couple of new strips, another fan dedicated thingy will be in order.
Happy First Fan!
Thank you whoever you are, you've absolutely made my day!!!!
*barfs out rainbow8

I like dem unicorns...
@werekitty13: I have GIMp, but I can't make a proper comci for the life of me. I do make small animations though:)
it looks nice.
@Bi-Furious: It may look that way, but no. I use Paint Tool Sai. It's not free, but you can find the portable version on youtube. I use MS paint to letter(sometimes, other times it's photoshop.) And I use Paint.NET to make the boxes and in this case I used it for lettering too cuz I was pressed for time.
Yes! First official page! Oh yah!

I dedicate this page to one of my best friends, Breanna. See you in school?

Also, song of the day is Meteor, by Miku hatsune
Hey, look at that! I updated on time!
O wait not really. This is just the chapter page.
But wait! Look, there's another page!
How does my ocean look? I love Paint Tool Sai!

Oh and go check out Catatonic. It really is good.
August 15th, 2012
I have a Webcomic! Muahahahhaha!
So... the cover. What do you think?