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Crash Ichimonji
I'm an anime-loving, hoplophilic, MS Painting, technophobic, airsmithing, casual-gaming, right-winging, gynophobic, hypochondriac-ing, baka-hentai.

There. Satisfied???

Looking for proof-readers.
The END...Of Chapter 2
Happy New Year to everyone!

Well, Chapter 2 is done, and now I just need to focus on keeping my updates within a month of each other instead of MANY MONTHs...ugh...

Anyways, got a new computer, but sadly it's Windows 7, so drawing my style in MS Paint doesn't work with this OS's Paint. Seriously, how the FUCK do you fuck up Paint, Microsoft?? I might try to see if there's a way to downgrade my MS Paint alone to an XP edition. Blarg...
First of the Year!
Happy (belated) New Year to everyone! Hope you all didn't party too hard, unless you didn't mind waking up with a hangover on Jan. 1st.

Decided to end this chapter with a style of drawing I used for 'Nightmares of my Father' composing of solely white and black with no toning. Not bad, but it was tedious, I have to confess (which is why I've all but given up on NoMF).

Expect an omake page this week that should clear up some of the story-planning snags I had on my long hiatus.
*Blows Dust off of Comic*
Wow, long-time no-see everyone!

So, the excuse this time? Distractions, school, personal projects (non-anime related), and most importantly: re-thinking what I where I was going to go with this series.

Yeeeaaaaahhh....I had a few creative snags and such during my hiatus/writers' block. But, I think I've got it all ironed out for the most part.

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to all of you. Here's hoping that I'll be able to finish this chapter before 2013 starts!
I LIVE!!!!
Yes! We're back! (where have we heard THAT one before? -_- )

But yes, we're back now and hopefully I'll keep up an actual commitment. I actually got the mojo to work on this again when I was getting psyched about a NEW idea for a series. So I was about to start working on the first few pages when I paused, then thought "Why not just keep doing more of TP! if I've got renewed inspiration?"

So here I am, back in the artist-seat and back on track. Really, it's been 3 months since I last updated? Dammit, I'm turning into Scott Ramsoomair now...
@weirdcartoonist: YES. Especially if it's got illustrations in Alice's art-style.
Almost done with Chapter 2 here!

Just a few more pages left to go, so I figured I'd give a LITTLE more fan-service. I'll also try to have an X-Mas pic or two up as well in the next few days (yes, with TP!-girls in sexy-Santa outfits).
Finals are over and so hopefully I'll be able to do some catching up before the new semester.

I also apologize in advance if anyone gets seizures from this. I tried to make the frame-rate go slowly but still fluidly.
We're BACK!
I was so worried I would lose interest in this, what with all the crap I have going on already in life. Has it really been over a month since I updated?? Well, better now than never.

*puts on sunglasses*

Looks like I was able to get this page done in the nick of....Time.


Thanks to all my fans and readers (all 40 of you! lol) for putting up with my procrastination! Me love you all long time!
Crash Ichimonji
October 24th, 2011
@Weird Cartoonist

I can read it. Mind you, I'm near-sighted.
Oh snap, I am SO gonna submit some ideas!

-Let's see one of Basil's 'special dreams' uninterrupted .

-Charlie, Carmi, Conri, Reg, and Devi play strip poker. Carmi wins, obviously.


-Michael's family! Maybe what it was like when Michael was younger, or something.
This is one of the reasons why I hate online gaming. When did hanging out at your friend's place to play some co-op become uncool?!?
Yay! And Update! Pfff...that's sad if I have to make a big deal out of a single update...
Terrabirds ftw!
Lol, a Buddha in an opulent home.
To Basil: are you a cigarette-Pursian or do you like cigars too? If the latter, ever tried the Havana Catnip ones?
Thanks! This cover pic was hard as HELL to get right.
Woo-Hoo! Double the Sarah, double the fun! That's a statement of a achievement with Double-Mint Gum! Wait, that doesn't work. Oh well.
Okay, gonna call it a day. Still three in one day is a good haul. Making up for the hiatus's drain on my update schedule.

No promises, but I'm gonna try to have the next page done in a day.
SWOOOSH! Nailed another update in the same day! Well, it wasn't a hard page to draw...But who cares! I'm gonna try to do a power-update and get as many pages done tonight as I possibly can. ID FACIAMVS!
Should have another page up with a day from this one.

Now, some fun stuff. I've only recently gotten into Vocaloid and the Utau's, and all I can say is: WHY WASN'T I TOLD ABOUT THIS SHIT SOONER!

Grah...all those years WASTED...I could have been jamming to Miku and the gang WAY back...*whimpers*

Anyways, I also saw the videos for the Vocaloid Live Concerts both this year and last. Sheesh, everyone went ape-shit nuts when Len appeared behind Rin to sing 'Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder' and when Miku started to sing 'World Is Mine'. I don't blame them, those songs rock. I was disappointed there wasn't any of Miku singing 'Love Is War' (my favporite song by her so far). So, yeah, my Walkman MP3 player is slowly getting more Vocaloid and Utau songs. Of the Utau, I've only really listened to Teto and Mako. And I've just started listening to Meiko (as in the original Meiko). Okay, fanboy moment over.

A song you guys should look into is 'Border of Death' by IOSYS, the same group that does Touhou Project songs like 'Convictor Yamaxanadu', 'Cirno's Perfect Math Class', and 'Make Us Your Brides'. Anyways, 'Border of Death' is well-done with a mix of screaming, REAL singing, some orchestral parts, and rock all mixed together nicely. Makes for good battle-music for an anime.

Anywho, I'll try to have the next page or two up in a day for you guys to enjoy (we're getting close to explaining how Koji ended up in 1984! w00t!)