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The name's Candice. I enjoy reading all sorts of webcomics on here including bl one's.
R.I.P. to Peeps and Honey; my bunnies.

May they rest in peace.

7/18/13 - 7/18/14
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No, Bianco stop!
Ohgod, I'm going to cry...
August 13th, 2018
oof so it was him who asked...
August 12th, 2018
I do also ohno what do you mean last?!?
It was pretty obvious :^(
Well I'm glad that misunderstanding was cleared up and oh don't worry Kea because we all know 'ol lover boy over here won't break his heart.
God that smug look he has... *shudders*
Awe, servant boy is a major cutie! I can't wait to read his story arc~
What a beautiful crossover of two of mt favorite comics! <3
Not only is he afraid of her so am I.
Because of Mariano of course but we know he won't admit it.
Thanks so much for sharing this story with us!! It was great from beginning to end. Though I'm sad to see it done so soon but I'm looking forward to reading more of Guard Dog!
Ohmygod, Horus I'm sure you already know what that is...
Damn poor Stephen...
He is an ass and oof spot on alright Cameron.
Lmao, I'm sure he does tbh!!
He really did. Big time.