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The name's Candice. I enjoy reading all sorts of webcomics on here including bl one's.
R.I.P. to Peeps and Honey; my bunnies.

May they rest in peace.

7/18/13 - 7/18/14
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Mm... crazy sex things probs?
Oh noes ;; u ;;
Que the cover page for the comic moment!!
Bwhahaha, poor Maisy!
What a cutie, he really is best boy! </3
Honestly saying... if not a handshake what else is he supposed to do? Suffer? Hug? Secret handshake?
@amanduur: Ohmygod I'm DYING
Awe, finally Takashi arrives!
Oof, I feel so bad for her man. Mm, I'm also worried when she does find out about the two of them... god.
@Amarok: true lol
Awe, I love him!!
Yes, it's all too true.
Ohmy, is she happy to see Stephen or what? (Sarcasm of course) She looks like she's going to pummel him or worse tbh.
She should've just told him... :&(
yes my best bet is that, because in the comic description it says: "mason has weird non-con fantasies"