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The name's Candice. I enjoy reading all sorts of webcomics on here including bl one's.
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;; u ;;
Ugh, she's honestly so unbelievable!!
@Lynxiechan: Oh, okay thanks I wasn't sure it was this Stephanie. I thought it was another one. But yeah I hate her.
Holy fuck... if she did I hate her.
Yep, definitely like my big sis and me. And yep, she has love troubles on her mind~
Oof me whenever my big sis would sneak out of the house without my parents knowing and I'd sometimes cover for her.
So relatable it's sad!! Poor Sooch!! Hopefully Howie wakes up earlier than him.
@Bloody Murder: Yes take a break, you deserve it and my deepest condolences. You need the time to mourn the loss.
October 8th, 2018
@Monika: Mm, he can't read because well he's lived underground all his life. At least that's what I think that's why.
October 8th, 2018
I honestly laughed so hard and yeah I'm not surprised Dake can't read plus in original wasn't he also illiterate? I mean, he's lived underground all his life.
@blablab3039: It's alright with us. Thanks so much anyways you deserve a break after those daily updates you've given us. I hope you have a great break!!
Thank you for all the updates!! Also I really love this page aaa!!
I knew it!! Ah, I called it!! Cameron is still in love with Drew no matter how Drew treated him. I'm glad.
He's Bucksexual.
Haha, Cameron is too cute for words and honestly I'm so Cameron in a situation such as this!
@Bloody Murder: Yeah, that's why I like it. I also love their song Clean.
@Bloody Murder: Yeah, I really love that song and aye I'm glad! I really love listening to Woolbright.
Oh, this is the secret? Yeah, I totally saw it coming and lol poor Jay is speechless.