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The name's Candice. I enjoy reading all sorts of webcomics on here including bl one's.
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September 9th, 2019
thank you for this....
September 3rd, 2019
Thank you, the slow burn was most definitely worth it all... Now I can die happily
@WandaWalker: Lmao damn I would've loved to hear more, I'm all for any kind of similarity food discourse.
Ohman, gotta love Justin.
Oh, fuck it's the asshole who was abusing Yang... also he's the one picture he deleted from his phone.
Thanks so much for making this comic, I'm really going to miss it but I'm really looking forward to your other works.
@ukk_o96: Honestly
But what if he feels the same way huh? You ever think about that?
"Protein shakes and raw foods" as in dick right?
...Wth don't just out right believe him!!
Yes, yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!
Oof, if only he knew. Also Owen is hard to resist.
April 24th, 2019
@ukk_o96: yeah, it's a good topic to talk about and although i am well informed others may not be.
awe, well i'm happy for him!! and aye nice enby!!
Aweeeee Cameron is on cloud nine and I love seeing this change!! He's too cute for words.
@SomiJuli: yay i'm glad to hear that!! also yay i can't wait~
Lmao logan is me sometimes i just talk way too much and ask way too much too. Also even when I'm in a heated car wearing lots of layers, I'm usually okay but living in Florida I handle it pretty well.
Damn you people really did Peaches dirty tsk tsk. (Fun fact: My dog's name is Peaches)
April 11th, 2019
@ukk_o96: i'm both of those things honestly...
March 30th, 2019
Oh hell yeah, he's very jelly my dude!!
@M-24: You don't remember? Welp, it's bacl to re-reading for you lol.
And oof that sucks I'm sorry that happened to you.