The name's Candice. I enjoy reading all sorts of webcomics on here including bl one's.
R.I.P. to Peeps and Honey; my bunnies.

May they rest in peace.

7/18/13 - 7/18/14
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Lmao, good job Nelson! But also bravo man!
August 16th, 2017
Good for you Nelson! You show him who's boss!
Ohh fuck Ruben! Show him no mercy!
Ohmygod, please be okay!!
@lazy-lil-king: You and me both! It's so hard to decide!
There goes my heart and all my feelings.
Awe, this makes me feel bad for Mars like he has to beg for a kiss. Poor Mars.
I wanna read that
Welp, I can officially die in peace now well not yet at least until the next page is released of course.
August 1st, 2017
I ship him and Wyatt!
I suggest finish it then revamp it later.
Ohh, Takao you just know what to say to make Hisoka swoon~ And hey smooth Takao is a good Takao, you just need to get used to him.
And *boom* title drop~
Yes, what she says is true. I mean, that's exactly what I felt when I went out with my first boyfriend. But we're not together anymore though it's not like I regret anything.
Yes, tell him Dante!! And hopefully he'll believe you and not take Craig's side!
Yes, tell him how you feel boy!! And honestly as much everyone is rooting for them to get back together just remember it was Aoba's fault to begin with. I mean, he probably knew Kei loved him but he ended up hurting him.
omg they're too cute!!