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hi i'm a person who does things
i feel this lmao it's really unfortunate that people don't understand ace people at all, let alone aro/aces. i'm aro/ace and it was difficult enough to tell my high school friends that i was asexual (sometimes we would talk idly about sex, which i was okay with, but then it became "what would the rest of us be like in bed" and i would get massively uncomfortable when they tried to tell me what i'd be like during sex. i tried to say "well, good thing i won't have sex" and shrug it off, but they'd persist like "but if you DID have sex..."). i don't know if they ever understood the aromantic part. i've had to refer to my queerplatonic partner as my boyfriend for them to understand that he's not "just" a friend.

it never stops being frustrating though. you'd think that being aromantic and asexual would be easy to understand. there is literally nothing romantic/sexual to feel about other people. i guess it says something about what romance and sex mean to other people haha