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dA: lvcy
tumblr: 9w8374
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August 5th, 2013
jesus christ
this comic is my absolute favourite of all comics there are

i love everything in it okay and please please PLEASE keep updating and im sorry that this comment isnt as long and full of gibberish as my last ones but im just so speechless ok and

i love you for making this thank you so much ;v;
woah! i haven't been in the mood to check smackjeeves again in like, 2 months! but today i remembered your comic and that's why i came back hehe, and this is what i get, heaps of new pages, one better than the next ahhhh!! sorry i missed your 100 pages party but- happy 100 pages now! even tho i'm late pfft i hope you dont mind and it's better than nothing right! umm... i also saw that you didnt get any comments on some pages and that makes me really sad, 'specially since i love your comic so much ahhh!! so imma write you a really long one here aslklkal to make up for those right!!! chip's stripey arms are the cutest thing ever- together with chip and ellis ofc uvu! noah is very short tempered it appears? ahaha you're really good at doing sad scenes as well as happy and cute ones, that's so amazing, like, i'm really looking up for you to (and this sounds rude but i really dont mean it that way) torturing? your charas??? QvQ i hope you understand that i really dont wanna offend you bust just say that i could like... do that with my own i think orz but that's part of being a good writer / artist! i wanna wish you 2 so much well and yeah, your drawing style and your story (i assume that's how you doit? sorry if i'm wrong!) fit really well together, it's like... making everything 1000000 times better!!! uvu i'm so happy i found your comic and i'm really glad louie is alive /crying
slon is so adorable too and i just could gush about your comic for ages but i'll stop now ok
have a great day and keep going please! QvQ ♥
November 1st, 2012
AHHH I love your comic! I love the characters, the story, your style and how genuine the relationship between ellis and chip is lakdja ♥ it's just so adorable how close they are, and how ellis doesn't care that chip's different and - ahh, just, i love litterally /everything/ bout your comic ♥ i love how you name your charas and- ♥ please keep continueing this comic, i'm already so excited for the next page QvQ ♥