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It breaks my heart that Aldi still cares about Kris after what Kris did to him! Aldi, the guy you have in front of you is ten times the man your ex is!
Don't give up, Owen!
Awww Owen :(
December 29th, 2014
@zinnzinnluv: Maybe he is playing the music so he can feel the vibrations through the headphones. That way he can still enjoy the rhythm/tempo/beats of the song, even if he can't hear the notes.
I'm so very excited to see the next chapter! This is my absolute favorite webcomic.
I'm sorry your friend and you are going through something so scary! I'm sending hugs and prayers that everything will be ok.
I got my book in the mail today, and tomorrow is my birthday so it was perfect timing. Like an early bday present :) The book came out beautiful and everything looked so professional. Thanks so much!
Now I have to go through every page and look for the umbrella :)
Wow, amazing artwork on this page! Both characters came out so beautiful.
OMG! I can't wait til the next page!
This comic always makes me happy. And this page in particular made me smile after a long, difficult week. Thanks so much for sharing your art with us!
I sneaked in at the last second of the kickstarter and donated what I could. i can't wait to get my book! I love this comic :)
People! Suppressing something bad is not "denying" it - it's having the strength and the will and the maturity to grow past a debilitating condition. It's like... if Arrow was a kleptomaniac or a pedophile or something, and through hard work and the love of a good man (like oh say Gun maybe...), he will finally be able to become a strong, intelligent man free at last of his awful weakness. Shrapnel will encourage this sickness in Arrow and Arrow will NEVER be able to defeat it. Shrapnel will make Arrow into the worst version of himself. Shrapnel will make Arrow as wretched as he is.
So Gun will help Arrow suppress the side of him that makes him eat another man’s intestines? Yeahhhhh, not seeing the problem with that particular suppression!

Whereas with Shrapnel, Arrow becomes harder and crueler and loses his humanity. Great.

I don’t see how this “closes the door” on Gun and Arrow. In my eyes, it would be easier for Gun to get over his shock over Arrow’s hidden side, than it would be for Arrow to get over being beat and almost raped by Shrapnel. Bear in mind, Arrow did his best to ESCAPE a rapist in his former life. We don’t know exactly what his crime was, but it’s been hinted that he fought back and maybe killed his master’s son to avoid being raped. Arrow risked everything to get away from a rapist so the idea of him ending up with one does not sound plausible to me. I feel like it would COMPLETELY go against Arrow's character to fall for a man who bullied and brutalized him. It would negate everything Arrow has fought against and everything he's been through. It's just.... GAH it's so depressing. It's the saddest thing I can possibly imagine happening in this comic.
Thus far I was only aware of Shrapnel being a rapist. Now that I know Grenade and Blade have done such heinous things as well, I will certainly revise my opinions of them. I can’t believe Blade! :(
I am really looking forward to discussing Shrapnel and Arrow in the forums, since I can't even FATHOM the support that pairing is getting lately.

I mean... Shrapnel brutalizes and rapes children. It's kinda hard for me to see him as a love interest.
Oh god, I'm scared of this vote. I will be happy with any combo, as long as Shrapnel is alone and miserable. Die, Shrapnel, die!
January 26th, 2014
I know this has been commented on before but.... the progression of your art over the course of this comic is truly amazing! I can't believe how far you've come! I mean, even in the beginning, you were already great but pages like this really show how much you've grown and improved :)
Ooh I'm glad you posted the more detailed explanations of each choice. That's awesome that the Gun choice results in more occult scenes too. Come on people, don't you want to see more strange mystical magical stuff? Yes. Yes you do. Tempestuous relationships, emotional rollar coasters, maybe Shrapnel gets eaten by a Kraken... see, all good stuff with that choice!

Ok, ok, too early to campaign. But seriously, I really like how stylistically different the Blade pages are. Also the design of his wardrobe is impressive!
Gorgeous page! I love the height difference. I had no idea Mic was so much taller! I can't wait until his next scene with Metz. And congrats on the kudos for your artwork - well deserved!
Once again, you've really nailed Trebuchet's facial expressions! I think you're the best at drawing him of all your characters. I love the way his eyebrows are drawn together in the first panel, and his face shows worry and relief and love and gratitude and guilt all at once. And then his smile is a little easier in the second panel, when he sees Target is really ok. Ooh I love them. I would read a whole comic just focusing on them!

But I'm scared of this chapter's vote. I will have to campaign like never before :)

Ooh and happy birthday!