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I write fantasy and comedy, mostly. But I also enjoy trying new things. Like script-writing. Such fun!
dun Dun DUN!
Gak! The cliffhanger must needs be un-cliffhanger-ized. I must know who is coming.

And Tern is amazing. As always.
Dude, need next update. NOW. lol
Very, very nice fist! Awesome page, all around
Very nice action. YAY TERN! He dodged so well. <3
As has been said, excellent perspective. I love Tern's expression here!
Oh no, Tern! I hope you know what you're doing... >>

lol I love the fishies on that second panel. <3 And, gosh, Tern looks good on the last one.
Tern's fast. ;D I just hope it isn't a trap...

Nice map, btw!
Ya Ha!
Finally caught up, after months of absence. Gosh, I missed reading this.

Your art has improved a lot! I love how everyone looks now. <3 I especially love Tern's expressions. A.Dor.Able.

Love how the story is progressing, too. I'm veeery interested to see where it goes from here. I await the next update eagerly.
Awww, adorable! I love their expressions!
Poor Tern. He needs a hug.
lol! That's gotta be a shock!
I'm intrigued~!
If I loved Tern before I ADORE him now. Gee, I didn't know I speak a universal language! Long live Peasantese! XD
lol One of the best pages so far! Pure Pricelessness. ;)
Oh, good heavens, Tern, you're adorable! "Lofty", ne? *giggles*

Excellent page. Well done.
lol! You tell 'im, Tern.
Sheer brillance. Rock on.
I ADORE the taste testing deformity!