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Threat Level: Midnight
As any of our normal readers know, it's been a long time since we had a comic up, and an even longer time since I made one.
We all got really busy (and admittedly lazy), but we've all missed it a a lot too.
I can't promise 100% consistent updates, but we'll try to be around as much as possible and upload as often as possible.

My comics have always been a little sloppier, and it was partly intentional so I decided to clean it up for this one.
Cleaner lines, and ACTUAL FRAMES and honestly I like it a lot more.
Zack and I have been basically addicted to Pay Day 2, and this mask was too ridiculous not to make a comic about it.
Oh, and I got sick of making the hair so I'm just drawing it like this again, haha.

tl;dr - We're back bitches.
I got a comic up, woo! Things have slowed down a bit over here now that I'm back
from vacation so you can expect a lot more, hopefully topical comics soon!

Anywho thank you all for hanging in there with us during our down time! It means a lot.

Phoenix Down? PLEASE?!
One of the saddest moments in my gaming life.
I TOTALLY didn't cry or anything...
@RagingClue: Gee, thanks Sammy. xD
@SassyThePokemonLover: Everything!
Mostly completely different game mechanics!
Why god
So, I just got a job working at a video store, and because of that I get free rentals.
I saw Nuts & Bolts and decided that I'd finally see for myself if it was really THAT bad.
Short answer.. Fuck yes it was.
Nice On!
I recently played Mario Sports Mix for the first time, and I have to say,
Nintendo has this weird way of making even the most boring sports ridiculous and fun.
I grew up with the likes of Mario Golf, and Tennis.
Definitely significantly more entertaining than their real life counterparts.
For me anyways. x'D
Who needs savings?
With the Steam Summer Sale going, I think most of us gamers with a small chunk of change in our pockets are soon to be broke.
So many good deals!!! @_@
Not sure if...
It's an actual sequel this time. xD E3 this year was fantastic! So many announcements that I'm very excited for.
Mario Kart, inFAMOUS, Smash Bros, and of course KH3! It looks like it's still a ways off, but I think it will be worth the wait.

Sorry about the poor quality of this comic. I had internet issues, so I couldn't really look up references for anything
until just a few minutes ago. Hope you all still enjoy!
@MecanicalCH: Some people, like myself, just aren't good at shot calling sometimes. xD
Report Amumu
Based off a very true story of Zack and myself. Not the best call on my part.
I'm sure anyone else who has played League knows this feeling.

Hopefully a better comic next week. See you guys then!
Comic of the Weak
Super late! I forgot I even had to make a comic. xD Just one of those weeks.

See you guys next (hopefully) Monday!
I'm back!
Been dealing with a lot of medical stuff the past few weeks, but I'm back! At least for now.
Sorry this comic's being uploaded at such a weird time. I've had midterms on top of everything. Crazy!

Not my best looking comic, but it's something! Enjoy. :D
@RagingClue: Well it's entirely accurate so I don't mind. xD
Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?
Woo, super long comic!
This idea randomly came to me this week and I thought it would be a good edition.
The few of you who get this will probably get a kick out of it!

@--Floob--: That sounds incredibly useful. @_@ Also mildly disgusting.
So many late comics!
I've been having horrible writer's block lately, and I apologize.
Hopefully I can get some decent comics out for you guys soon.

Credit goes to Sammy for the comic idea.
@Nick Cypher The Flames: Thanks so much! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the comic. :D
@MecanicalCH: We don't really know yet, but it'll either be awesome or really mediocre. xD Thanks!
Well I thought it was funny
Another League comic! Surprise, surprise!
We've all been playing LoL a lot for the past couple months. Haven't been able to get my hands
on new games as I demonstrated a couple comics ago.
This is something I actually said, and the reaction was about the same as this. What can I say, I'm punny!

Next comic will be our 100th! It's been awesome making content for you guys
for the last 8 months and we hope you continue to enjoy our comics!
Ball of cuteness
I used to be completely obsessed with Kirby when I was young. It was really pretty embarrassing!
He must have some sort of alternate dimension inside of him for his character to make any amount of sense.

Sorry for another late comic you guys, but I hope you all enjoy!
Also if you haven't noticed by now, I'm really bad at author comments. xD