Frost The Wolf
I'm just another Comic Maker who get's inspiration from Games I play and other things I see. I can't wait to demonstrate my Talent to the world.

Current Comics:
-Digimon Battle: Core Eyes (Cancelled)
-Digimon: Twin Souls (Dead)
-Chivalry: Remastered (From time to time)
-Digimon Infinia (Current group project)

Might try something new in the future... if I get the motivation!

Home to many characters, including Frost, Volt, Sol, Lupus, Raven, and Brawlmon. Enjoy my work and please be considerate to fave and comment. It motivates me to do better.
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Second to last panel... metting...
Oh the shenanigans that will happen xD.

Dammit, Shard! Stop stealing the fluffies!!
This is going to be fun
Awesome job! These are brilliant!!
I'm... honestly losing track of everything at this point...
Why do I sense a Bass rescue mission?
Hurray for Bobby!!
You just HAD to say that, didn't you Ket?
That last panel makes me think of all the times I've seen Meta Knight escape in the kirby games... and all the times I think 'how the hell is that possible.'

Thanks for putting some realism to it
Who? I may have been busy for god knows how long, but who the hell is this wannabe?
Did Core... try to look like he was doing instant transmission?
Or in other words... "Katsu, I've come to bargain."
Anytime there's a Jojo reference, you need an overdramatic pose to go with it...
Oh god... don't tell me... It's that guy isn't it?
And now things go south xD
I have the urge to smack Reign
@Hyper Shadow: Or please leave a message at the sound of your friend... following by agonizing pain