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Frost The Wolf
I'm just another Comic Maker who get's inspiration from Games I play and other things I see. I can't wait to demonstrate my Talent to the world.

Current Comics:
-Digimon Battle: Core Eyes (Cancelled)
-Digimon: Twin Souls (Dead)
-Chivalry: Remastered (From time to time)
-Digimon Infinia (Current group project)

Might try something new in the future... if I get the motivation!

Home to many characters, including Frost, Volt, Sol, Lupus, Raven, and Brawlmon. Enjoy my work and please be considerate to fave and comment. It motivates me to do better.
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Poor Zin... having a bunch of kids take his stuff xD
Nicely done. Glad to see she remembers those who participated in the tournament.
This pic makes me hate him a little bit less... but I still want to shoot the crap out of him when Forsaken drops
That... is rather good so far. Well done
Poor Blair... with the amount of fights that he's been in over the course of the story, you would think that he would avoid trying to have collateral damage.
Oh shit. Blair's in for it now
I'm going to assume that Rex is a good boy? He won't bite my head off now... will he?
I have to say, that's rather impressive. Well done Royle
Nicely done. My personal favorite is the dragon.
@TheJGamer: If he were to do the 'One Punch Man' approach, Blair would more likely tap Damaru on the neck and send him plummeting to the ground like in Episode 6
Is it just me or are we several pages away from Anthony going all 'John Wick' on this guy?
You screwed up, Silverado... you screwed up big time
You eff'd up now Cabal... You eff'd up big time!
And now the Watermelon Exo is a War Beast chewtoy... this doesn't look good
You pissed off the wrong zebra!
Yeah, I would want to get out of there before they both notice her... and begin to try and tear her apart too.
Such good friends they are xD
So he's a peacock wearing clothes similar to that of Beerus?
@Shard: I like how it came out. Though, I have to agree with the others. The raindrops are rather big and also, when coming into contact with the umbrella and hand, they seem to not 'repel' off.

Another thing I noticed though... and it may be just me on this... If it were a rainy day, should you have the ground look like it was partially reflecting the character. Like if they walk over a puddle of water?

Other then than, I love the effects and how this came out? Did you try it with a brush on photoshop or something? Because I was thinking of practicing effects again to get back into the groove of coming up with art
@Shard: Ah. Now that makes sense