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Frost The Wolf
I'm just another Comic Maker who get's inspiration from Games I play and other things I see. I can't wait to demonstrate my Talent to the world.

Current Comics:
-Digimon Battle: Core Eyes (Cancelled)
-Digimon: Twin Souls (Dead)
-Chivalry: Remastered (From time to time)
-Digimon Infinia (Current group project)

Might try something new in the future... if I get the motivation!

Home to many characters, including Frost, Volt, Sol, Lupus, Raven, and Brawlmon. Enjoy my work and please be considerate to fave and comment. It motivates me to do better.
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Well... that happened.
@jameswolf100: ... He might regret those words
Note to self, never send Dark to do stealth ops
@Shard: You should. You're in for a treat... if you're up for unexpected feels at certain points.
Man, the whole conversation between Ket and Niv is giving me vibes and flashbacks to Re:Creators
I think the time to talk like adults has long passed...

This works perfectly here
Something tells me that's it's not the end just yet. If anything, it's only just begun.

That and she'll go to all the places she's been through before and work hard to undo everything Ket previously did.

Of course, that's just a thought
Nicely done. I like how these poses came out. I might use these once I get back into the swing of things (If I can find the time in between school and work)
Hunh... Exploding Shurikens hunh? And just when I thought that Damaru's go to choice for weapons were firearms. Unless there was something I missed off screen
Well, this was not what I was expecting. Let's hope things don't get awkward.

Oh, who am I kidding? Saying that probably just leads to me jinxing myself anyways
Just wait until it goes on a bit longer than it should be
Yeah... I'm already not liking the new birdy here. Especially with how he treats his employees
Personal favorite for me is the sixth one with the two heads. Makes me think that they kind of get into way too many arguments with one another
Just wait til Coza gets a boot to the head for this
And now we got her... She's here to do some SCIENCE!!
Glad to see this is back. Looking forward to seeing more
Poor Zin... having a bunch of kids take his stuff xD
Nicely done. Glad to see she remembers those who participated in the tournament.
This pic makes me hate him a little bit less... but I still want to shoot the crap out of him when Forsaken drops