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I miss the rest of the group, the non band members. I think Michelle should visit. :>
Lol. Twatted. Priceless.
I thought he said the events that inspired this occured in the mid 90's to early 2000's.
I've reached the end of the line. No more next button. How bittersweet.
Gibson, I have to disagree about our time in Eden being a better comic. While it's great, I think PoY is better. I think because it shows the group of friends vs 2 friends. Just my humble opinion.
I was wondering how Tim got so screwed up by life seeing as his home life seemed to be pretty decent. I think I'm getting a clearer understanding.
I think she has a terminal disease.
Michelle really loves Peter. D aww
I called it. I would give my right pinky nail to see that threesome!
I believe the same sex kiss day was solely supposed to occur in and around Chik-Fil-A's, A particularly homophobic fast food chain in the US.
I always thought of the group as more of a triangle. The circle implies too much equality. There are no sides to be taken on a circle.
I'm cool with the format. The art is reminiscent of the first book, although the characters are drawn with more definition.
@soozbot: I don't get the feeling, but I hope you're right. And I hope it's during a three way Peter. :D
Is Peter becoming the mother of the group?
@Teenlink: I don't think, Peter only seems to slug when his friends are in physical danger. Not judgement.
I don't want to be on the wrong side of the group when Kara decides something warranting her going all evil on someone. Unless Patrick is right about her she just cares about herself.
I think the ink was a wonderful idea. It seems to blend innocence, nostalgia and naivety.
I'm astounded by how much emotion Ben can convey with so few lines.
It's bit curious as to what's leaking out from under the mattress in panel 3. I'm hoping he stuck liquor under there... Hoping.