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Quick wind the music box and get the mask
December 21st, 2014
Just found your comic and love your style. Could you please add a favorite option so I can follow you?
Welcome back man.
Hey if it's not too much trouble can you post your final move sets. I want to get some ideas for my run?
I hate it when that happens
November 21st, 2013
How about Fynt Coal
Could you put this on YouTube I can't see it unless its there?
Pink is pissed. RUN!!!

Also, first
Says the moron
DEATH BEFORE COMPROMISE. Also tacos, tacos before compromise as well.
The true battle is about to begin. I wish you luck my fellow gamer.
Just found this and read it the whole way through. Already like what your bringing to the table . Keep it up man.
Carful Eggman or you'll end up,

Trubish + Rocky Helmet = Metool XD
Yet the Watchog who has spent all her time in the box looks extremely confident. Just for the sake of being curious what nuzlocke is next?
I do and I am proud of it