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Wow, he has a lot of hair! Very cute ^^ though I think his head could be a little bigger in comparison to the body - with newborns the heads always seem HUGE. I could be wrong though ^^; It's been a while since my niece was born and the youngest kids I work with are already six months old (though they too have huge heads on their tiny shoulders)


And also: I was hoping Regulus would be the father, as that would have made for halfway healthy back story, but I also have several other (more unpleasant) theories for that. It all depends on how mpreg works in your universe, really, especially with the Harry Potter background. How magic works is really anyone's interpretation.

Regardless, I enjoyed this page :)

Oh, and question: Are we gonna meet Arthur Weasley anytime soon? Just kind of curious about him since we've seen so much of Molly and she seems to be really important to Severus here.
"Well, no, I'm not a parrot, pff. Obviously, I'm a WEREBIRD. With telepathic abilities or a mysterious ability to speak in animal form. Or maybe I'm just an enchanted princess. Or a familiar to a witch living around here. Or I'm the witch and you'll never know, HA! Whatever I am, I'm obviously way cooler than any of you puny humans."
Severus and Harry is usually not my favorite pairing, but I couldn't resist just taking a peek since I thought the style so charming. And then I started reading, and... well, you're really good with the story telling. I think I'm gonna have to keep reading now :P

Oh, and I LOVED the illustration you did before this page. ALIENS is my best friend's favorite movie (he actually watches it for comfort, which always kind of confuses me ^^;). When he showed it to me first, I had never even heard of it, but by the time this scene came around, I was actually already suspecting something like this to happen, so I wasn't very shocked.

Also, about the real life Mpreg: I once saw a documentary about a couple where the woman was for some medical reason unable to carry the child to full term, so the husband did in her stead. I was very young when I saw it and don't remember everything, just how I thought that it was so cool doctors (after years of trying and arguing) made that possible for them. The baby would come out via c-section then, though. I don't think a penis would survive having a full term baby pressed through it ^^; Just saying...

Anyway! Great job with this comic! I'm looking forward to reading more :)
Hey! I just discovered this comic, and I like it a lot!! Thank you for taking the time and effort to create it!

Q&As can be so much fun! I do have questions for the characters.

For Joey: I love your style, especially the hats! How many do you own? Do you mostly wear the same one or do you like to switch it up?

For Ryland: I know it's easy to fall for good looking people, but what made you first realize that maybe you like Hans more than you planned to?

For Aspen: I want to know more about you. I know you notice quite a lot about your environment. Are you always this perceptive or is it just because you're afraid to lose Hans? Also, I like your name. What does it mean? Do you have any siblings, and if so, what are their names?

To Hans: ... Have you ever watched "Frozen"? What do you think of your namesake?
And there you go, designing another great shirt for those characters O.O You can do that so well...!

And yeah, just when I was thinking what those two where up to and what they would say to such a sad Aki, you give me the answer ^^ I guess Ryuuta won't take it as lightly as Shuuhei and will go check on Aki pretty soon? I just wonder what Aki will tell him.
I still can't believe it has already been a year... I guess that leaves me to say my congratulations - and my thanks, to both of you!! Thanks to Leafy, for creating this truly awsome story with such great characters, and thanks to Crimson for drawing so beautifully and letting sadi characters come to life! I love this comic so much. However it will go on, I'm pretty sure I will still love it :)

So thanks for already doing this for a year (seriously, a year?! Where has the time gone to?!) and congrats to creating something so great! <3
Oh man, that sounds not so fun :/ Good luck with everything, I hope it turns out alright soon!

And your cats are beautiful :)
snow crystal
September 29th, 2014
@Annausagi2: Ah well, schoolwork is only one of my problems ^^; Though technically that is done with now, as tomorrow our semester ends and I already had the illustrations for tomorrow done two weeks ago :) Was struggling with what we had to have finished for today, but that's done now, too :) So that's one problem less; sadly, it still leaves all the other worries about life (such as money, my flatmate, my family, etc. …) Things just always add up :) But it helps having things to look forward too, and stories that handle delicate topics with so much care and focus on things I can relate to, are definitely one of them, so thanks ;)

(And by the way, schoolwork really can be a pretty stressful thing :P So good luck getting yours done!!)
snow crystal
September 28th, 2014
Finneus is such an incredibly cool name :D SO the cool guy with the cool name has some serious problems also, huh. Not really surprising... now I have another one to be worried about :S
I swear, if I could communicate via such "poof" things, I wouldn't be so annoyed by phone calls so much anymore :P

And Hiro's wings!!! Woohoo! I like those wings :3

Excited as to how this mission will turn out. As I said already, something ALWAYS is happening or about to happen on this story ^^
snow crystal
September 28th, 2014
Oh no, AKI! I realy have the urge to hug him now, just tell him to come here, sit down with me and cry all he likes, because the world has been mean once again and it's perfectly alright to be upset about it.
Poor sweety. If at least Kaidou was near... hopefully Aki's gonna call him and tell him soon. I have a feeling he's the kind of person to try and stay quiet to not make his lover worried while he's away on that business trip...
:) Only in the Neverland you can sincerly expect to get into an adventure while going to fetch some food ^^ Must be great :)
snow crystal
September 24th, 2014
Oh goodness, someone not afraid to stand up against the comfortable distancing and state the truth...! Oh goodness! Whoever he is, I like him :) Takes a lot to actually do that. Not just THINKING it or half-heartedly sitting beside it and just not participating in the mean words; but actually SAY something. I am so proud of the new handsome man with fabolus hair :D

No worries about updates, I know what it's like to be busy very well :) I hope all your stuffs wasn't of the bad kind and not only stressing :/ Sometimes good stuffs can take up your time, too, and that actually is a very good reason to cheer up and treat yourself to the kind of smile that makes the people on the streets stare at you with discomfort and think you've suddenly gone crazy :D Sometimes it's fun to watch these reactions ^^

Oh and by the way - thanks for the page! I'm (as always, I notice) so very happy to notice this new update! :) Things like this help me through my stressful times (which sadly right now seems to be one of).
snow crystal
September 24th, 2014
... And this is why I like Arei so much :)
snow crystal
September 22nd, 2014
:D No worries about the eyes, Leafy, since you told us now everything's fine ^^

And Kyle... I guess he really has a good friend in that girl... what was her name again?
Whatever it was that happened, something did happen, and she's clearly just worrying about him. I can understand her, but can understand him even more, I think. It can be SO frustrating to not be believed when saying "I'll be fine", ESPECIALLY when it's about a subject you usually have trouble with and when you're in the process of proving to yourself that you're perfectly capable of handling things. The doubts you have in yourself and just barely managed to push to the back of your mind so that you could tell yourself you'd be fine just get a hundred times worse with someone worrying like that.

But he will be fine.
Probably there will be a little trouble before that, but eventually, he'll be fine.
@Crimson Chains: :D Exactly, and there we have the *poof* again. It's gonna stick with Hiro forever, if it is his hair or some mysterious sound :P
:D Oh hey, they're having an interesting conversation over there, I think I'm just going to drop by for a bit -*poof* :D That *poof* sound just made it for me ^^ Ahaha. So curious as to what caused it :)

And I have a feeling that Hiro's looks slighty changed from what he looked like in the beginning. Just slightly, but... His hair seems to have more shapes and is faling a little messier, just a tiny little bit (I like it very much! :) ), adn his face has changed a bit. He still looks like Hiro, but... more mature, and more... well manly isn't really the right word, but a bit more male? ^^; Anyway, I just noticed, and it suits him so well. He's getting more attractive over time! :P
:D Oh poor John and Michael ^^; I can pretty much understand them :P
:P Yeah, desks are not the nicest things to draw, but somehow they end up being needed to be drawn quite often ^^; Good luck with that!

Besides that, "I'll train you to an early grave" does sound somehow worrysome... ^^;
snow crystal
September 21st, 2014
:D Kuragi... sometimes he just seems so very young ^^

But I guess they were worrying, yes. Even Sai ;)

And about updates: I see you have been pretty productive those last two days ^^ No worries though.