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Aww~ These pages are so cute!!!! x]

Ed's reaction was cute and Liam is all dreamy. This whole page is adorable!! x]

But Ed is still a brat. xD Running away like that and leaving his little boyfriend alone. D8
You sure it ain't truly a wrinkle? /=] You're talking about her forehead, right? oxo;; Don't mind it at all. I think it just adds to her image. ;]


Aww! A father-son-like moment. x] Cute. o^-^o
Ah~! Nu, Meanie Mrs. Mom. D8

I wonder what's gonna happen to Liam and Ed's relationship. ;x;
Yay! An update~ o^-^o

Henry was able to help Liam sort out his feelings!! 8]]

Aw, I'm guessing it's homework. ;x;

What happened to the evil mummu, anyway? oxo; Wasn't she supposed to attack Liam and what-not? D'8
Oh~! Poor Liam! ;x;

He's love-struck and confused! TAT;
What a cute group, these three are. 8]

Bo, in the third panel, is pretty funny.

Ahah, the ducky's sweating. 8)
O-x! He saw it~!

The line, "Ah, young love~" should be inserted there somewhere. 8)?

Aww~ Nice Richard~ ^^= *gives him a lollipop*

*hands you cookies* ^^= Thanks for the update~
Haven't been on the computer for a while so I have to catch up on a lot of things. ;x; *working at my mummy-dearest's salon. 8)*

Oh, dear~ Poor boys. I feel bad for them both. 8( Aww~ Ed, you're not a loser, your social skills just suck. 8)

Great updates~ ^^=
Ahah~ The whole page is super cute~ ^^= Not a panel I don't like. 8)

I can't wait for the next update~ ^^
Hahah~ ^^o

Very cute~ 8)
Poor Trish. )=

Aah! Really? x.x; Well, how come the parents are away? o_o And for so long? >x<

Yes, your readers are awesome. ^^-
Hahah~ ^^ How evil she is.

Noo!!!! DXXXX Run Liam! Run away from the evil mummu! TTvTT
8X The mommy scares me! ;_____;"

Poor Liam...*le sigh* But Ed's funny. xDDDD His expression in the second panel is hilarious! ^^o

*le gasp!* Liam found out! And Ed can't hold back his desire! What shall we do now?! 8)

Awww~ cute update. x]
Ooh~ What a wonderful scenario. ^^=

Very cute blushing!Liam and very seductive!Ed-o~

Hahah, Ed's happy expression is adoring. ^^o

I really like the ship! 80 It's niiice! 8x
Awwwww!!!! XDDDD

Oh my gawsh! Ed is so cute sometimes! xD
July 15th, 2007
Awww~ x]

Travis is so cute~ <33

So is the kitty! Aah~ I want some more TakixTravis action. Owo!
So far, I reeallyy like your comic~ It's so cute~ <33 And suspenseful from the previous posts. >x<

Love it~