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Don't Lick Rusty Knifes
If ya wanna know more about me your gonna have to ask >o<
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Holy fudge nutters! O.O
Now I've got to enter this one!
*frolics off to find sketch book*
Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays to every one! 8D
I drew this before I even started the comic... WHICH will be updated sometime after christmas :D
Now enters Janice! Yay :D! She's really a calm person... just when people aren't doing anything stupid... like destroying her bookstore
Oops... for got to resize the page. Any who I had so much fun drawing the second-sixth panels >w< . John is my favorite character to draw cause he's so... spastic!
I can think of something else he probably does.... but then I might anger a few people =w=;; *coughprostitutecough*
I've got nothing to say other than the fact that I accidently made the speech bubbles a tad too big =w=...
I just love her dress! It looks like her shingles or something make it up X3
*tackles* Yay, your back! OwO
See! Now the page is better... much better! *shot*

Uhem... enjoy =w=;;
Heh heh...
Jeez, I thought I already did this! *sigh* Anyway, I decided to redo the other two pages then post them again... if the website doesn't go down again, that is...
she's so pretty O.O
The light effect you did on this page if awsome!
God, I love the way Charlotte turned out 0.0 I just want to steal her shiney, pretty hair!
You deserve everyone of us, and you deserve a giant cookie cake *looks in oven* but it's gonna take a minute ;^; ...
Erik's outfits are epic win. I wonder what else he would wear...
Brett is just a little paranoid. How can you not trust a face like Erik's?! Plus, I love him in the first panel =w=
To assume is to make an ass out of you and me

You lucky duck ;^; I'd kill to have Erik's jacket! I mean, I'd probably do Rietch's job just to get it...
This is going to end with Charlotte not very happy...
and make Brett even more of a paranormal paranoid little boy =w=
See how good your comic is! I mean even a banna peel has a fanbase! XD
Ack! I love it, Rietch has a good arm :3

...and Erik should watch where he's going >w<'