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Celestial Objects
^_^ Finally reset my password...

I'm particularly fond of quasars. You know...the energetic region surrounding supermassive blackholes at the center of galaxies?
Xan's blunder
Ha! Your lack of experience is showing, Xan.

But he'll escape. Somehow I doubt you'd kill him off now. Especially after all of the character development you've put him through.
Lists of lists
Anywho, we know Dae's hiding something. For lack of information on the topic and perhaps my own biases, I'm going to guess that he's some sort of were-creature or summoner dude....or something.

As such, my list would be:
1. Luna (Maybe I'm a bit biased, but werewolves are awesome. Or...wolf-demon? I forget the terminology. But she's been fighting for a long time (experienced), not to mention that thing with Lunos and her past. Obviously trained somehow, plus all the experience? I think Luna would definitely come out on top).
2. Nirako (she's a ninja, plus she's blind. A blind ninja. If that doesn't remind anyone of Daredevil, perhaps I'm getting old. But major points for that).
3. Xan (he's a badass with fire, obviously. But I think he perhaps lacks the experience that Nirako and Luna have).
4. Dae (that big hidden secret past, eh? *nudge nudge/wink wink*).
5. Riza (no experience, is a high school girl from Earth).
Are you still there?
I'm sure you're busy with that thing called 'life' and all, but could you give an indication that you're still alive?

A twitch, perhaps?
Fight Songs
I agree with Bloke; RWBY (the new series RoosterTeeth is promoting) has an excellent soundtrack for fights. If you like nightcore type music.

I, on the other hand (despite my playlist of said music), think that songs like P.O.D.'s "Alive", Fight or Flight's "First of the Last", Dragonforce's "Heroes of Our Time", Disturbed's "The Animal", Sick Puppies "You're Going Down", and Sonata Arctica's "The Cage" would be good 'fight' songs. At least, that's part of my workout playlist.
Those damnable furries.
Got to love it. Go Rio!
I agree, for the most part, with pegasiger. But the thing is, Maya's guardian poison demon lacks a few traits this one has. For instance, the demon shown (if it IS a demon) has what look to along its side. Not to mention the array of horns and the third eye in its forehead.

Thus, I would speculate that it's either the poison demon pup's over-protective mom or that it and Luna know each other and it's simply trying to give her a big, death-inducing hug.

One or the other.
Oh, certainly not. He's not THAT nice, is he? It's probably a long shot, but perhaps we'll get an insight into his past here? I think he'll try to relate to her somehow.

And with past foreshadowing (what was the species called? Nagri-lah or something?), this could get quite interesting.
June 28th, 2013
No, I think that shipping these two is pretty common at this point.

At least the blessing of immortality guarantees more werewolf antics.

EDIT: In Christian practice (really anything like Christianity), members of the faith go through a process called 'baptism', which symbolizes washing away the sins of the past and taking on life as a follower of their sub-god (sorry, only term I could think of for it), Jesus Christ.

Baptising a werewolf in wolf form might help to convince some naysayers that Kylie isn't some sort of demonic monster.

Loving the irony, by the way.
June 25th, 2013
Level 99 Nerd
@doctorwho10: A shoulder wound like that wouldn't kill unless it hit a major artery. Or unless he's allergic to silver.

Of course, the mystery caliber/weight of the round are variable, so the actual damage might be a bit more severe than it looks.

But no, I don't think he's dead. More likely unconscious or stunned. It'll certainly take him awhile to heal, that's for sure.
June 19th, 2013
Oh, this is just awesome. A werewolf pup and a soul-made-manifest-griffin-shapeshifter against a power-mad Alpha.

Loving every second.
Riza? While her metaphysical journey into her own mind/Dreamstone is interesting, I'm more excited to see the personality of the wolf!

But regardless, I don't think that it'll happen on the first try. "Disappointed Riza" is more likely, methinks.
Feral forms
Yes. It was demonstrated that half-creatures can transform into feral-forms earlier on when Faro, Adrian, and Triv were introduced to Luna and them.
I'm betting that she smells a delicious half-rabbit in rabbit form. Oh the delicious suspense.
That darn dog/wolf/demon
I'm betting that she's telling him that he's not allowed on the couch.

*has three dogs*

That hair gets EVERYWHERE!
April Fool's "JOKE"
My roommate woke me up with ten thousand volts to the elbow. -_-
Spike Demons
Let's see....ability to turn into a canine-variant demon and...NOT play fetch?

I'd be all over that stick. :D
Let's see....I'm guessing that the two mentioned where two of the original Dreamers, probably the half wolf and (possibly?) the half jaguar.

And a Nagra-lah...some kind of shapeshifting demon tribe, perhaps? Or a human flesh-eater? *shudder* Ooooo...the anticipation is killing me.
I'm going to go ahead and guess that it's Lunos's fault. To get under Luna's fur?
Question of the Update
I'm going to say that a third party intervenes and more chaos ensues. Followed by Mr. Totem's daring (and hilarious) escape from Lunos.

Oh, and spike demons.