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Hi, I'm Annie! I'm a geek that talks about geeky things.

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Secrets revealed!

Late night upload! As a thank you for your patience and readership, I recorded the making of this page. I will post it on my tumblr ( once I'm done editing it. Enjoy! (:
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Nick, you okay, buddy?
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Nick is concerned.
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Ain't nobody's baby.

Whew, sorry for the unexpected hiatus guys! In case you didn't know, my computer broke and after I got a new one, it was finals. I was really disappointed that I couldn't keep updates consistent, but sometimes things happen haha.
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A late night upload, but an upload nonetheless! Had a lot of fun with this page.
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Edit: Made some quick fixes! /end edit

Real talk though
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Low level enemies, am I right?
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Early upload because I'm traveling tomorrow. Hope you all have a fantastic new year.
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Hope ya'll had a wonderful Christmas! Hack and Nick are here to welcome you back with fantasy rpg satire.
@Oly-RRR: Believe me, I feel the same. Hence calling it the so-called "friend zone."
And thanks. Yeah, I think so because it gives you a 3-d model to reference.
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I'm someone who's been on both ends of the so-called "friend zone." So I thought it would be fun to examine how petty and immature us humans can get when we don't have our feelings returned. Also, backgrounds man. I made a Google SketchUp model to reference for this room since it's where we'll be spending most of the remaining pages of this issue.
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Hahaha what did you think was going to happen? They'd live happily ever after? Pffft not in this comic, buddy ol' pal.
@SignorinaAlli: You too! I'll see if I can catch a free moment before break ends to finish reading your awesome comic! (:
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Hack is not always especially PC. She is sometimes a goober though.
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Hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a yummy meal and nice family time!
This page is a big personal milestone for me because I drew this scene as a doodle over three years ago:
Ah, my little babies all grown up boohoohoo
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Uuuuuuh nighty-night Lewis?? I’m uploading this a day early because I don’t want to worry about it tomorrow since I’m headed home! Bye bye, fall quarter. Time to make lots of comics over the break! And also I get to pet my dogs aaaah
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Nighttime update!
Looks like SmackJeeves had some technical difficulties! I posted this yesterday, but checked it today and it wasn't there haha. Sorry about that folks. But we're back to your regularly scheduled programming! In which animals are not fond of Hack V_V